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xmag.com : January 2003: Shane's World

In the glorious, makeshift world of "reality porn" the Encino, California-based Shane's World has long established itself as one place the smut consumer can go to experience a bunch of regular "girl next door" types who exuberantly bang the shit out of each other and a revolving stable of hard dick wielding cocksters in assorted Real World-esque excursions to locations that range from the exotic to the mundane. By diligently attempting to exploit the bottomless wellspring of savage libido and unbridled booze-and-drug-fueled party ethos that distinguishes non-clerical college campuses the world over, Shane's World has stumbled onto a situation that has generated more publicity over one movie than the medium-sized porn purveyor would have ever thought possible.

For the first volume of Shane's World's "Campus Invasion" video line the company flew a bunch of professional porn sluts from LA to the campus of the University of Indiana at Bloomington to fuck, blow and spank their way through as much unrehearsed debauchery as possible and release it in movie form. "We picked Indiana University because the Princeton Review ranked it as the number one party school in the nation." Says Calli Cox, actress in more than 200 porn films and current Shane's World sex performer/publicist. "We wanted to go and see why it got the ranking. It was sort of our mission. When we decided to go there I sent emails out to several different campus organizations and let them know when we were coming, what kind of activities we had planned and basically what we were going to do, and if anyone had off-campus houses we could shoot in. And we got a really good response back. Fraternities were the ones who replied back and that's sort of where we ended up going eventually."

The game plan was harmless enough. "We set up two-hour time slot/appointments while we were in town and went to the party atmosphere of each different house." Cox continues. "We held contests at each house. We had ass-kissing contests, pussy-eating contests and clothes-swapping contests and the winners would receive hand jobs, blowjobs, movies and T-shirts and things like that." In keeping with the strict porn industry code of having a recent PCR/DNA test to eliminate the possibility of HIV infection, the Shane's World crew was careful to put only themselves at risk while slurping the cum of a bunch of drunken, midwestern frat party pukers. "We didn't have intercourse with any of the college students because you have to have an AIDS test if you are going to have sex, and we took two male performers to film the sex scenes." Cox said, "You can catch STD's from blow jobs of course but we were all tested so there was no potential harm to any of the students. It was a risk that we chose to take."

An instance of relatively obscure sexual behavior that would have otherwise gone unnoticed exploded into a major news story when an article that appeared in the IU student newspaper

was picked up by the Associate Press and the "Dorm Porn" scandal immediately exploded onto the major news wire services, in addition to CNN and MTV. A controversy erupted over a scene that was filmed in a student's room in a "taxpayer funded" student dormitory. "The first day that we were there we just kind of walked around campus and to promote that we were there we did an interview at the campus radio station that morning." Cox relates, "This guy ended up inviting us back to one of the dorms and we actually shot a blowjob scene there with him. Past that everything we did was off-campus."

Allegations of "illegal trespassing" upon University property and IU knowingly allowing porn to be filmed on campus flew fast and furious while news headlines citing IU as "The Nation's #1 Porn School" put IU officials on the defensive. When conservative news pundit Bill O'Reilly from Fox's #1 news show "The O'Reilly Factor" expressed his outrage, he virtually guaranteed the life expectancy of the story by having frequent updates on the progress of the investigation as well as millions of dollars of free publicity for Shane Enterprises' late December release of the CAMPUS INVASION movie. "We just placed the order, and they said it would be here before the end of the year," said Gary Marker, an employee of Eve's Lingerie and Adult Novelties in Bloomington. "There is going to be a big turnout for this one. We already get 20 to 25 calls a day asking about it."

The series of "O'Reilly Factor" segments included interviews with IU students and officials culminating with a heated interview with Cox herself where O'Reilly claimed the moral high ground while attempting to get to the bottom of the "porn on campus" debacle. "His take was how could the University not have known that we were going to be there and were going to be on campus, and why didn't they do anything ahead of time." Cox says, "He thinks they should have known because I set up the appointments with the students about three weeks ahead of time. But if your parents go out of town for the weekend and you are going to throw a big party you're not going to warn your parents about it beforehand now are you?...It's definitely great publicity for us. I have to thank Bill for that. He's shown a clip from the movie already. He is the only show that we have given a clip to and he played it this past week." The sizeable amount of publicity that has cropped up around the story has not gone unnoticed by those sensitive to the image of IU being portrayed in the media as "The Nation's #1 Porn School." The fact that prominent alumni and school administrators might have overreacted and inadver

tently generated excitement around the movie is by now an accepted reality. "The porn movie company has executed a brilliant public relations gimmick," one alumnus said. "The university could be fueling their fire by devoting excessive resources and manpower to the investigation."

For Shane's World Enterprises this is not the first instance of College Campus intemperance that has caused a University to blush over the intractable libidos and shamelessness of its student body. Last year at Arizona State University, four fraternities were suspended for hosting the film crew, and those in the video who could be identified were threatened with expulsion from the University, including the student government Vice President Brian Buck, for his involvement in the Shane Enterprises movie "Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3." "It was a pretty fun day," Buck said. "It just turned into the biggest storm ever."

As reality or so-called "gonzo" porn makes an ever increasing imprint on the $5 billion-a-year adult movie business, companies like Shane's World continue to push the envelope with a stripped-down shooting concept that portrays what shows like MTV's "The Real World" would be like if taken to an erotic extreme. "This is a new generation of porn." Cox relates, "This is reality porn. Porn is becoming so mainstream anyway and we're bringing more of it to real people. Porn these days is not some old, fat, sweaty guy jerking off at home to a teenage girl. It's college age, younger people who are buying the movies and want to be involved in the movies. We're bringing it to them and letting them have fun."

As to the question of filming college students having sex upon campuses of the country's great institutions of higher learning, Cox is also thoroughly unrepentant. "The thing that gets me is all of these things that we have gone out and caught on tape are all things that are happening anyway." She continues, "College students have sex. College students throw parties. College students do these things. They were happening before we went to the colleges and they are going to happen after we leave. We're documentary filmmakers. We just get it all on tape."




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