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xmag.com : February 2003: We Love Exotic

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 03:34:24 EST

From: Thejasmans@aol.com

Subject: What The Fuck?

I noticed that in your December issue of Exotic the column entitled The Cum Hungry Genius made some lewd and crude jokes about the heinous crime of rape and of all people that had to write it, it just had to be a woman didn't it? The lesbians were one thing, but this article by your Debra Jean Danger just went a little too far!

Rape is not funny and in my personal opinion this thing that calls herself a woman is nothing more than a Howard Stern wannabe (and even Stern doesn't make fun of rape) who wants to see how many people she can piss off with her apathetic attitude towards a crime when this (the crime of rape) happens to a woman in the united states every 15 seconds and is usually committed by someone the victim knows. I know way too many people whom this has happened to and it is no laughing matter. Many years ago, when I first picked up Exotic, garbage like this was not even printed in your magazine. I remember an Exotic that was very sex positive and not misogynistic in its writings. You can thank Jim Goad and the trash (Debrah Jean Danger, and little miss I Hate Sex!) for the rapid decline of your magazine!



Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 15:03:05 -0800 (PST)

From: "james sarff" <jbsarff@yahoo.com>

Subject: bitchwhipped!

All the strippers were offended, so my favorite magazine becomes quite the opposite of what it was. Opinions are like a-holes, everybody has one, all of them stink at one time or another. If a stripper's butthole offends me, I choose not to watch her perform or support her dollar intake. If someone has an opinion I disagree with, I may wish to enter into a discussion with them about the difference, but I certainly wouldn't take a more aggressive route.

Firing, fighting.

Controversy DOES get you noticed more, and bowing down to a herd of strippers (and stripper lovers) will get you the wrong kind of attention. I wanted Exotic to trash the industry. I wanted to see shit-talking in every issue. Why kiss the ass both sides have been talking about? No matter what the men think, women will continue to take off their clothes for money and men will pay them to do it. No matter what the strippers say, they will continue to do what they do as long as men support it. Who got into this relationship for dignity or respect? How about the fact that it was controversial and sexy? Just about money? We are all NOTHING, all worth a dollar, and all exposing ourselves every day. Whoring ourselves to whatever corporate, religious, emotional trap we've found ourselves in. Lighten up, and let's get back to having FUN! Boring columns equal boring columns. Sales WILL fall.

P.S. Both my girlfriend and I work at strip clubs, and we laughed our heads off at Officer Partidge's diatribe. Brilliant, entertaining, and left me wanting more. Didn't take it to heart, just let it warm ours.



Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 10:47:33 -0800 (PST)

From: "gary bercu" <beestufus_33@yahoo.com>

Subject: Lola Green Baldwin Interview.

I hope something is said about the magnificent power women have over men when they are nude and shaking it. In futile defiance, a man will try to verbally degrade a woman who holds court in her arena. The sexual arena is dark, mysterious, ancient and wonderous. Sadly for us all,there are still, mostly white, genteel, handwringing, upper middle class white women who are spouting the same old dead jargon regarding prostitution,and it's exploitive, damaging effects. How can Ms. Greene Baldwin be pro-prostitute, yet not pro-prostitution? That is like being pro cannibal, but not pro-cannibalism. I take issue with her other claim, which went unchallenged on Reality TV (January 7th) when, like The Mad Hatter and her dumpy little dour mouse, she made the claim that pornography=violence against women. What of gay male porn then?

These New Sexual Commissars... as Ms. Camille Paglia, a brilliant educator and writer, says, "since when do we allow snippy little neurotic feminists to run our lives?"

The other point which needs to be stated is these free-associating references to sex are made by often very pleasant, nice, mannerly women. They appear to have all the answers, except, upon closer examination, they quite often don't possess adequate academic training in Human Anatomy, physiology, biology, let alone History. To talk to one of these "intellectuals" you would think that the feminist movement invented rape. I mean, don't we "exploit" a maple tree to get maple syrup. Come on... Lets face it, Men are trying to get in. Into the citadel. Women have the "power" either to deny them entry or allow them in. It would do nothing more than infantalize women, a mysogynist action, to deny them their Birthright, their sexual goddesshood. I for one,am sick to death of these Polly Pure Bred, sexually repressed,highly agendized, unscholarly and sinister women who claim to be helping women to empower themseleves by shutting down their opportunity to flaunt the God Given, awesome, inspiring, sexual power of beautiful women. So what if it is an imperfect industry? What industry is perfect? I don't claim to be an expert on the sex industry,but I know what I know as a sexual creature. It matters not whether I participate, or pay for sexual services, but who am I or anyone else to tell others how to exercise their constitutional right to do so?


--Buddy Bee Anthony, Portland


Yes. I think.... --Publisher



Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 16:59:02 -0800 (PST)

From: "Sarah Jane" <sarrrahjane@yahoo.com>

Subject: I Hate Sex

This is Bobbi Jo Schmidt, author of the "I Hate Sex" column. I see that you have changed your editor and that the magazine is going in a different direction now... my column was more along the lines of the old Exotic mag under Jim Goad, so I think I should respectfully resign and let you all get back to what you're really about. Good luck!!!

--Sarah Jane Woodall



Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 12:46:52 -0800

From: "Parsec Speed" <bigfatthing2003@yahoo.com>

To: "Frank Faillace" <ffaillace@qwest.net>

It seems that everyone wants to produce a porn mag these days. You must have upset Mr. Voge so much although he has seemingly abandoned Xcitement. Now it seems Mark Fredrickson the owner of Foxxx's in Salem is about to finance another one called Temptation. If you go to tempmag.com, you can download the entire magazine. You will also notice familiar artwork from both Exotic and SFX. Most of the pictures seem to originate from Playboy, how can they do that? Nice cover last month.


Yes, it seems like everyone wants to NOT make money and have lots of headaches... they will understand soon enough... --Publisher



Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:25:14 -0800 (PST)

From: "hazel*" <dirtybootlicker@yahoo.com>

Subject: Demi Mondaine


How can I contact Demi Mondaine. I loved her article in the current issue and was wondering if she did individual sessions.


Sorry, Ms. Mundaine is not taking anymore clients right now. --Publisher



Thu, 23 Jan 2003


Shifty Henry,

Why have a paper? Uncreditability. Bullying. Assist in proudly serving you to introduce me or you to globalization glory, mobilization in financial crisis or incompetent design oversight. "Shifty I can affirmative Portland media!" Hellhole no. Just say know si o, yes man bwana. May the homo sapien feel all the way to Iraq, Trevor and all.

-- B-17 rays of laser, Tigard, Oregon


Sorry, Mr. Henry is not taking anymore clients right now. --Publisher




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