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xmag.com : February 2003: The Jack Shack

Back in 1963 when I was downing a couple of six-packs of Blitz every night and flunking out of the University of Oregon during the day a friend of mine dropped by my apartment with a 16mm Bolex camera. He was also flunking out and had decided to take off to L.A. and get in the business of making porn films.

At that time it was not illegal as long as the films didn't go too far. I can't remember the exact parameters, but basically it definitely meant no penetration scenes and I think the girls had to have their bushes covered. In any case, he showed me a pretty high quality five minute black-and-white scene of a couple of U of O students snuggling naked and licking each other across the tops of their underwear. Pretty strong stuff then.

The guy invited me to join his enterprise since I had a job at the university as a still photographer and had recently dabbled in cinemaphotography with his Bolex. After he split we lost contact with each other so I don't know what ever happened to him. Guess he went into porn while I, after my final string of F's, joined the Marine Corps and wound up in Vietnam with a Nikon taking pictures of grunts blasting away at the Viet Cong out in the boonies. So in a way we both shot porn.

That flash from the past popped into my mind when I watched Campus Invasion from Shane's World. This company pulled off a brilliant marketing scam (see January's Exotic). Shane's World picked Indiana University for an on-campus porno because it was named the nation's No. 1 party school last year by the Princeton Review. This in itself is pretty funny. As long as I can remember, magazines like Playboy and Rolling Stone have sent out annual decrees naming one university or another the top party school. But the Princeton Review is better known for its manuals on how to get higher scores on the SAT so you can get into a high-powered college and rise above the animal house atmosphere of the top party schools.

The porn crew breezed onto the IU campus in Bloomington and treated a few students to blow jobs in a dormitory. Some frat boys had a great time with their hack paddles but those scenes were not shot in the fraternity.

Shane's World bills this as a "documentary" but goes to great extremes to erase any hint of where the film was shot. Throughout the film the faces of students are blocked out. All the IU college logos on baseball caps and sweatshirts are blurred. This is probably an overreaction but understandable since IU officials considered taking legal action against Shane's World.

The vid opens with several pornbabes getting interviewed on the IU campus radio station. As they hover over the college DJ he says, "There's lots of perks on this job most students would never think about." He adds that the future is looking brighter for him, and says he'd like to interview Belladonna but "she has a mouth full right now." Bella's getting a pussy licking from another girl.

The scenes shift back and forth between the campus and the usual Shane's World studio shots. Most of the campus party scenes involve contests between students eating porn pussy and animal house horseplay with frat rats chugging beer and hooting and hollering "git that nooky" and "hit the bull's-eye" and "bite her ass." The contest winners are taken to a bedroom and treated to blow jobs. I found it interesting that all the lucky boys wore boxer shorts, not briefs. Watching the satisfaction of this one nerdy guy who probably hasn't had as much as a date since he got to college is worth the price of this DVD.

The hack paddling scene on a porn doll is also priceless, worth rewatching in slow-mo about five times from different angles. I never joined a fraternity and always wondered about the homoerotic implications of the hack paddle. Each frat member is assigned a pledge who shines up a hack paddle like a recruit shines

his boots. Then on initiation night the pledge leans over, grabs his balls and gets the shit whacked out of him by his big brother. The bond is then sealed and he becomes a member of the fraternity. How sweet.

At an apartment off campus a guy standing around outside says a porn couple "just had sex in my room and I'm thinking about the sheets." Then he goes off on a charming rant about how wonderful it is for the cameras to be on him cause he's gonna be a rock star soon and be on VH-1. "I'll do anything to get my name out there," he says, puffing on a cigarette. [Note to Shane's World: The least you could do is contact this poor guy and get him to cut a couple of tunes for background music in your next campus invasion.]

Two girls who let the porn crew into their dorm room giggle and laugh when invited to join in the festivities. A porn stud offers up his dick. One of the girls, after much bibble-babbling around, lightly flicks the tip of his tool with her tongue, then turns away laughing. This tousle-haired cute coed is totally shocked she actually went through with it, when of course by porn standards this is the equivalent of a neck rub in a chair at the mall.

The girls invite a few more students in the room, then lock the door 'cause a crowd has gathered in the hallway wanting to get in. There's lots of knocking on the door. At one point we hear somebody outside say "We're calling the police." The girls, to their credit, don't get panicked. They continue to play games with the pornies.

The best student performance comes from "Party Bob." A porn fan from way back, he really gets into it. He gets hacked by one of the girls and screams for more. "C'mon, wind that up, fuck me up good." Then he bumps into Mr. Marcus and goes ape shit. Mr. Marcus is his idol and now he's drinking beer with him and making porn. Party Bob is in seventh heaven. Mr. Marcus autographs Party Bob's beer mug for him. Mr. Marcus then delivers the best line I've heard in a porn film: "What we're doing here is a porno version of the Make a Wish Foundation. We're making your dreams come true."

Regular readers of this column know that I have been ripping into the porn industry for all the crap they put out and their incredible pretentiousness about their artistic capabilities. All I can say is congratulations to Shane's World for turning out a great, uh, documentary. And yet what makes this a terrific porn film is not the porn. It's simply fucking real.

Let's give Party Bob the last word. He throws his head back in a state of ecstacy while getting a blow job and says: "Fuck class. All they do is talk all day long."





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