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May 2003

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ACE News and OLCC Legal Challenges

The OLCC continues its reign of terror: two new clubs were ticketed for lewd conduct when girls touched their breasts and/or exposed their genitals in a sexually lewd manor. Likely they were not thinking of sex or arousal at all, but of what an asshole their ex-boyfriend is or what to make their kid for dinner. However the OLCC gets to decide
what's lewd now and that is a problem. Members of ACE are working hard to ensure that the OLCC is accountable for its legislation and rulings, and are fighting for the right of legitimate adult business to be free from harassment.
Any business ticketed for lewd behavior violations should contact ACE immediately. Call Vice President Rick Kallas at 503-330-0784.
ACE is hosting a fundraiser on May 17 at Roc's Dollhouse in Beaverton, featuring red hot acts donated by some of the best entertainers in the city. Roc's is one of the newest members of ACE, along with Our Place, a titty bar in tiny Rockaway Beach!
Girls interested in donating a performance for the ACE fundraiser should call Rick at 503-330-0784. Girls interested in a working vacation on the Oregon Coast (hotel provided) should call Mike or Tammy at 503-355-2266.

Exotic Wants You...
.....TO GET A BOOB JOB! Exotic's Boob Job Contest kicks off next month. This dance contest is open to any woman who HAS NOT HAD BREAST RECONSTRUCTION and wants it--amateurs, too! To be a contestant, you must sign up with Exotic Magazine by calling 503-827-8018 prior to June 4th or at The Refectory on June 4th at 9pm. Contestants sign up for one of three preliminary rounds, to be held at Sassy's (June 12th), Cleopatra's Viewpoint (June 19th) and the Dolphin I (June 26th). Finals will be held in July. Winner takes home new tits. Second place gets a snowboard. Third place wins a makeover and photo shoot.
.....TO GO SEE BERLIN at Dante's on May 29th! Terri Nunn is soooo hot.
.....TO NOT FORGET TO send us pictures of you and your pets. Think of it as free advertising. We've already received a few: dogs, cats, flying squirrels and hedgehogs... but we want MORE. Send photos with names of you, your pet and your club to Exotic Magazine, 818 SW 3rd Ave., Ste. 1324, Portland, OR, 97204-2405. email: xmag@qwest.net


Gentlemen's Club News
Congratulations, Sasha, on winning the Miss Nude Oregon Crown! Sasha and the first and second runners-up, Katalina and Jessica, can be seen at the Dolphin I & II. On Wednesday, May 1, the Dolphin II hosts Fiesta Night featuring a free Mexican Buffet and a Mexico Getaway up for grabs.
The Porcelain Twinz will be hosting an Erotic Cabaret at Stars on May 22nd. This is definitely one of the hottest tickets in May, with Oregon's best entertainers performing very erotic theme acts.
If you work for the Oregon State Legislature, you're in luck! The Hideaway Exotic Lounge is opening this May in Salem, featuring exotic dancers, couch dances and private shows.
It's about time one of our classy strip joints got some classier chow. Jody's proudly announces their new appetizer menu, featuring calamari, bruschetta, crab and artichoke dip and more.
Heads up for the 11th Annual Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, August 26 - August 28. The Expo features over 300 trade booths, numerous panel sessions and dancer showcases, a toga party, the Exotic Dancer Bikini Contest and the First Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show. Check out page 83 for more details or go to www.exoticdancer.com for further information.
And if you read this quickly enough when it is hot off the presses, Burlesque Fest is travelling through Portland on Sunday, June 1st at the Crystal Ballroom starting at 8pm and featuring Catherine D'Lish. See page 21 doe details. And as required for any Burly-Q event downtown on a Sunday, the after-show party will be at Sinferno Cabaret right down Burnside.




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