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xmag.com : August 2003: Sexual Heelin'

Does she think of you as a sexual "heeler" or a selfish prick? Disguise foot massage as foreplay and she'll deem you a sexual god. A creative session of hands-to-feet leads to better sex that she feels from her toes to her pretty little head.

"I am putty in a man's hands if he gives a good foot massage," says Elizabeth, 24. "I'll keep any man around who can give a good rub."

How often can a guy expect to work this magic? Most women like their feet pampered at least once weekly for about 15 to 20 minutes. Some want it after a good workout, after wearing "fuck-me" shoes, or after they've been on their feet for a long while. Equate your level of appreciation for blow jobs with her appreciation for foot jobs. It's that simple.

Massage therapist Patrick Massengale has plenty of experience with getting the ladies to melt. He has some suggestions for your commencement into suggestive foot massage.


1. Before you begin, warm up massage lotion or oil and sit facing the bottom of her foot.

2. Hold her foot firmly but not tightly, rubbing the tender tissue of the top. Work the deeper tissues of the bottoms of her feet with a firmer rub, like kneading, to prevent tickling.

3. Dig your thumbs in with some pressure and draw them up the center of the bottom of her foot until you reach the balls of her feet.

4. Draw your thumbs out to the side with the same amount of pressure. Repeat. Move to the sides of her feet and repeat until you've worked on the entire bottom of the foot. The bottom of the foot is the biggest part of the massage, guys. Take it from Tessa, 35, whose man gives her regular foot jobs. "The best part of a foot massage is when my man works my arches," she says. "That stretches them out and makes them feel better."

5. Treat the feet like you've just discovered a new sex organ. Wrap your fingers around the toes and rub up and down, much like giving yourself a hand job. Just don't jerk too quickly. "I like when he takes my toes and stretches them, rotating them gently. When he puts my toes into his hand and curls them down and in toward the bottom of my feet, it sends shivers down my spine!" says Tessa.

6. Blow a nice breath of warm air on her feet occasionally to amplify her sexual stimulation.

7. Let her hear your long, slow, deep breathing.

8. Holding onto the ankles, gently rotate each foot around like a clock, and then back and forth like a see-saw from two to four times.

9. Run a strong thumb along the middle of the bottom of her foot. Christie, 28, says she likes "when he uses his fist to run up and down the sole of my foot." (Gives new meaning to the term fisting, huh?)

10. Go up the Achilles tendon to stimulate her sexual organs. North of the foot, you're on your own.





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