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xmag.com : August 2003: The J-Mack Report

What up homies and homegirls? It's August and this month I'll be featuring one of the hottest clubs in downtown Portland. I'll also be introducing you to NStyle Photography and its founder Mr. Askia "Sonni" Phillips. Most of the pictures you've seen in my articles have been taken by him or one of his affilliate photographers, including some of the "Honey of the Month" photos! Last month I checked out Chingy at The Red Sea which is this month's featured nightclub.


First Up--NStyle Photography


I have had the pleasure of knowing Sonni for many years and the photos this cat has in his collection will trip you out. He has taken pictures in just about every club and concert in Portland, Oregon. He also flies in and out of town to extend his services to different promoters and artists in the entertainment business. He probably has some pictures of you, yo baby mama, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your ex, along with a host of well known celebrities and a gang of chicks showing off their "thongs" and other thangz.


Sonni has been in the business for over twenty years and is definitely one of the best photographers around. Next month NStyle Photography will be at Kevin Berry's "Old School Party" August 8th at Shenanigans on Swan Island and Labor Day Weekend at Z100's "Last Chance Summer Dance" at the waterfront.


Next Up--Do you know this girl?


She's super friendly and has a real cool personality. She's the type of girl that's always down to listen to your problems and give you good advice. She's very smart and down to earth. Her only problem is that she's not cut out to be a stripper, but nobody can tell her that. She has the attitude it takes but not the body. She never ever gets asked for a table dance and her outfits look like thirdgrade swimsuits. She's not a pretty site but she's hella nice. Her grill could use about $20,000 dollars worth of dental work. Her perfume always smells better than she looks. She's very sweet but far from sexy. Her routine on stage is upsetting, and painful to watch. The owner won't fire her because she gives good head!!! She often hates on pretty strippers, but still wants them to like her. She walks around the strip club like she's worth a million bucks, but by the end of the night, she can barely afford to buy a beer and a pack of Top Ramen. We have all seen this girl and wondered to ourselves, who in the fuck told her ass she should strip? If you know this girl, give her a hug for me and tell her McDonald's is still hiring. ONE!!!



Truthfully ya'll this is one of my coolest spots to kick it at. The entire staff knows how to treat people and the music is always on point. The security is some of the best in the City and very few problems have ever occured there. Recently Jammin' 95.5 brought "Chingy" to the Red Sea and it was on and crackin'! These catz put on a show fo'real and had some fly ass dancers. The club was jam-packed at 1:15am and people were still outside in line hoping to get in. I am proud of the owners for holdin' it down and giving us true music lovers a live club to kick it at in downtown Portland. Big ups also to the homies at the door, the bartenders, the DJ's and the MC's. See ya'll this weekend....I'M OUT!!!



The Honey of the Month


This month, I had to give it up to one of the sexiest "Redbones" in the City. Her name is Trinity and she is definitely a "Honey!" One Love Girl!!! If you feel you should be a featured Honey of the Month, e-mail me at whatzcrackin_j@hotmail.com


Next Month


I'll have coverage of Exotic Magazine's Anniversary Party (OOOH-WEE)! I'll also be letting y'all know about whatz happening nationally in the music business as well as covering the local scene. Until then, "keep it crackin!!!"

I'm Gone!








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