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xmag.com : August 2003: Another Lonely Night

Toe suckers unite! You have nothing to lose unless you want your quiet rapture to remain a secret reserved for the few who share your devotion to feet. A survey some years back noted only six percent of American men regard footsies as a hot zone. Perhaps this number has increased given the number of web sites devoted to foot lust.

One site, footlust.net, has a foot cam for live action and a foot chat room where you can meet like-minded friends who will offer to prance and flex their tasty toes for you. Or maybe a toe painting. Or service a stocking fetish. And the Dirty Feet of the Week feature will certainly be a turn-on. Many such sites exist. After logging onto footlust, my screen was inundated with so many offers for foot sites that it took me ten minutes to get rid of all the ads!

Seeking to discover the root attraction to feet, I sought out an explanation in Diary of a Seducer by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. The book, written in 1843, is a thinly disguised diary of a young man with tastes much like the author who is best known for the "leap of faith" as a way to find God. Seems there's a leap after toes as well.

The young man writing the diary is concerned with the proper way for a young woman to jump down from the steps of carriages which are so poorly constructed the only graceful way to make this leap is to jump into the arms of a servant. Thus he decides to seek employment as a servant so he can easily "become privy to the secrets of such a young miss."

In his sweet unrest he discovers the woman's "pretty little foot, whose slenderness I have already admired" gives him a clue to her personality, for he looks at her foot philosophically and "draws definite conclusions from its shape." After surveying many such feet he finds "girls with small feet generally have a firmer stance than the more prosaic large-footed ones."

Kierkegaard's foot fetish seems quite healthy so let us turn to my favorite shrink, Dr. Wilhelm Stekel, for the darker side. Stekel is best known for his research into the origins of S/M in the early 1900's.

One guy unloading on Stekel's couch said that when he was five years old he crept under his aunt's covers and licked her "ill-smelling feet." When his startled aunt asked him what he was doing he said he was pretending to be a dog.

The smell was as much of a turn-on as the feet. This carried with him into his teenage years when he sniffed around the bed of one of his parent's servants, a cook, and found "the odor of dried bits of feces in her linen and the taste of yellow spots in the coverlet excited me terribly."

During World War I he visited a brothel as most soldiers do and had a particularly exciting experience with a girl named Anastasia, who revved him up by boxing his ears. Then he discovered something even better. He'd lay on the bed with his head bent over the edge and his mouth open. Anastasia would "place her naked foot in my mouth with a demand I lick her toes. Her feet had no odor and were always kept clean. Finally she would stick half her foot into my mouth. Then I had her ride me on all fours through the room, while she whipped me on the buttocks. Next she urinated into my mouth and I drank the urine until I became nauseated, upon which she always made the attempt to defecate in my mouth, in which she never succeeded."

Start with a foot and see what happens? One thing leads to another.

Now we're in the Anything Goes century. Still, it may be that a lot of guys haven't figured out that babes want their toes sucked. A story in The New York Observer last year found some girls who can't get their boyfriends into it have to pay for it by seeing Jason for "sensual foot pampering." He charges $40 an hour for house calls.

One woman who saw Jason said she felt like her "toes were having an orgasm, like I had ten penises and I was getting a blow job on all of

them." Another woman said "one toe felt penis-like, one toe was more clitoris-like, and the pinkie one was kind of tickly." A third woman said Jason's "mouth and tongue were really talking to me, it felt like he was there."

As for vids, our editor, Viva Las Vegas, who shines the nails on her exquisite toes [enter color], wonders if the "nature of fetish makes the two dimensions of porn rather unsatisfying, like do you really need actual toes?"

My answer would be a resounding "yes," but given the proliferation of toe-sucking DVD's at your local dirty book store, quite a few guys feel otherwise. Gotham Gold Productions more than leads the pack with an ever-expanding series of lickings and suckings 'til the skin wrinkles on tiny toes. The latest in the series, TOE TALES #73, features the soft soles and tender toes of Angelique and Barbie Brooks getting devoured by foot slaves.

So, toe guys, with 73 Gotham vids available in the stores you can let all your restraints vanish and let your body quiver with ecstasy 'til you drop in the grave.




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