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xmag.com : August 2003: Smelly Sock Guy Speaks!

Smelly Sock Guy has been a downtown legend for several years now. When I first met him at the rack at the Magic Gardens he was quite timid and easily pleased with frilly little white socks worn onstage. Now he's in the big leagues, buying table dance after table dance, inhaling deeply the aroma of your stinkiest socks and requesting you stand on his chest and exert as much weight as possible--for $20+ a song. He also gives absolutely fabulous footrubs, and pays $20 a song for those, too!!
Stripping is a hard job. Lovely stripper feet really start to hurt after sweating several hours in seven-inch heels. They start to stink, too. I can think of no better treat during a grueling five hour shift than to have a visit from Smelly Sock Guy, who asks me to sit down, take off my shoes, have a drink, let him rub my feet and then try to choke the shit out of him!! Really it is lots of fun. And quite a turn-on for me, too. Not to mention extremely profitable. Smelly Sock Guy is very generous, and to accept $300 from him for foot worship sometimes seems like highway robbery. But of course we are all happy to oblige.
VIVA: Hello, Smelly Sock Guy! How are you? Has summer got you down, now that all the gals are going sockless in sandals?
SSG: Summer is a double-edged sword. The flip-flop craze has gotten way out of hand and it seems like everyone AND their mother are wearing the little bastards. But then summer is a time when girls who do wear socks take off their shoes. It is very sexy to see a girl in public with socks on and her shoes off. Business women also tend to dangle or remove their shoes outside more often in the heat.
VIVA: Are you into bare feet as well as stockinged feet, as long as they smell?
SSG: I am into cotton socks and to some extent nylons. Bare feet can be attractive (nice polish, shapely feet, etc.), I just do not find any sexual attraction in them. Now socks, that's another story. If there were ten supermodels in bikinis and high heels walking around next to a punk rock girl with her boots kicked off, I would be staring at the boot girl's socks.
VIVA: What exactly are you into? Is it the smell? Or is it feet? Or is it SOCKS?
SSG: I am into smelling women's socks and watching women smell each other's socks. Nylons are okay, but thick cotton socks are the best. I have also recently (within the last year) gotten into Trampling. Trampling is where I lay on my back and the girl stands on my chest (in socks). The air is pressed out of my lungs giving a real light-headed feeling, then the girl puts her smelly socks over my nose. Unbelievable!
VIVA: What if a gal's wearing socks onstage that aren't stinky, like Lucy Fur at Mary's Club, whose trademark is a variety of nifty knee-highs?
SSG: I love the look, but the fetish is the smell. Although I always tip the girls in socks better.
VIVA: If you found a girl's stinky sock on the floor, would you pick it up and sniff it ecstatically? Or must she be wearing it?
SSG: Depends. If I knew who the sock came from and I would be attracted to her then I would smell it. But I would not go after just any old sock on the ground. I have bought socks from dancers and girls on the street before. If the socks smell good I take them home and my wife will wear them for me during sex.
VIVA: When and how did your fascination with stinky socks begin?
SSG: I actually spent some time in therapy for this as a child and I have a good idea.
When I was a baby I used to pull on my hair. My parents put socks on my hands to prevent this and get me to stop crying. During this period my parents reported that I would often rub myself with my sock-covered hands.
When I was ten years old, I remember having a crush on a fourteen year old girl named Stacy D. I would follow her around and carry her books and stuff. She was also my first kiss. We used to go to the back stairs at school and she would take off her shoes and have me smell her socks. Her friends would be there and they would laugh and tease me.
Growing up I would masturbate with girls' socks and it was known that I would give foot rubs to any girl who asked. In 7th and 8th grades I smelled a lot of socks.
At one point my parents found out and took me to counseling. After months of discussing ways to cure myself, I realized that I didn't want to change. I love socks. It doesn't hurt women or myself, so why should I change? So I guess the counseling did help me after all.
VIVA: Were you shy or ashamed initially when you'd ask strippers to wear their socks onstage? You seem to have come out of your shell quite a bit in the few years I have known you.
SSG: At first I was very shy. I just watched the dancers (although I have a sock fetish, I am not blind to beautiful women!). Gradually I got to know a few of them and asked a couple of my favorites to take off their boots and dance in socks.
I guess it was at Dino's Club where everything 'took off.' I would come in around lunch time and sit at the bar, the girls would sit on the stage and take off their shoes. They would spend the whole set putting their feet over the bar in front of my face. Over time the feet started coming closer and then touching my face.
Enter Union Jacks and the beautiful Goth girls and their wonderful table dance area. Table dances changed my life. The girls keep their clothes on and just sit back and put their feet in my face. The contact is amazing, the smell is awesome and the women are great. They get to relax, keep their clothes on and the ones who want it get paid to receive a foot massage.
VIVA: Describe your favorite stinky sock encounter.
SSG: My favorite encounter? Hmm, well my favorite series of encounters was with a dancer named Kitty at Magic Gardens. She was the first dancer to stand on my chest in a club. God that was so hot. Kitty has great socks and a perfect body.
I remember looking up when she was first trampling me and she was biting her lip just staring at me with this sexy look. The red light from the table dance area was behind her head, her hair was glowing red, her face was all shadow and her eyes were staring into mine. She did everything right. She would push down with her feet to take the air from my lungs, then move her socked feet to my face so I had to breathe through them. Even now it turns me on thinking about it.
My best non-trample encounter was a couple of years ago with a girl from Union Jacks. She was a hardcore Goth and did not have smelly socks, but she said she had a pair of tights with her that she wore all the time. She came out with a pair of black and white striped pantyhose. They were pull-ups (over the crotch) that she wore daily as part of her non-stripper life.
OMG! The smell was so fucking perfect. It was amazingly strong. The smell I like is the smell of a woman's body. I do not like dirt, mud or wet shoes. I like the smell of socks inside boots when a girl wears them a lot.
She just sat there smoking and grinding her feet into my face. She asked me about the fetish a little and then kinda shrugged and just let me play with her feet for the night.
VIVA: Does your wife know of your kinky pastime? Does she support it or indulge you with her own smelly socks?
SSG: My wife knows. When we first got married I let her know that was a part of me that I was not ready to give up. I was making great money at work and had enough to spend and she did not mind.
She wears her socks for a week at a time. Socks are a big part of our sex life. She smells her own socks when she is coming (she takes them off during sex and holds them to her face or my face). She is an amazing woman.
She also likes the sex when I come home. I never do anything sexual with the dancers. No kissing, no fondling, no nudity during dances. It is all just the socks, so that makes my wife much more comfortable.
VIVA: What is your ultimate smelly sock fantasy?
SSG: Actually my wife and I have been talking about this. My fantasy is one woman dominating another and making them smell her socks. The wife wants to try bondage and has no problem smelling another girl's socks.
The wife and I are talking about hiring a girl to participate with us. The woman we hire would keep her clothes on at all times; I would not touch her except to smell her socks. The wife would be tied up and the woman would dominate her with her feet. I would perform oral on my wife and have sex with her while the woman shoves her socks in our faces. The wife also wants to try having a woman in panties sit on her face smothering her while I eat her out. She is getting into the breath play as well. Struggling to breathe through smelly socks while coming is very intense.
VIVA: Lately you've been increasingly into asphyxiation. What is the turn on? And again, are feet required?
SSG: Socks are always a part of my sexual activities, but limiting oxygen while being aroused is amazing. The trick for me is to limit the amount of breathing (through socks over the face, girl standing on chest, girl sitting on face). It's like doing 'rush' drugs. When a girl is on your chest pressing down and restricting your breathing for several minutes and she suddenly gets off, the oxygen hits your brain and it is amazing. Add a safe level of alcohol and the experience is even better, your inhibitions are gone, your dick is rock hard and you just have to get home and fuck your wife for a couple of hours.
Let me clarify. DO NOT EVER CHOKE YOURSELF ALONE AT HOME. Everything I am talking about requires a safe, sane partner. Tying a towel around your neck while jerking off alone will get you hurt. Do some Internet searches before you ever try something new.
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