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February 2004

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Exotic Votes on the Top Five Portland Strip Clubs

We get around here at Exotic. Whether hustling for ads, hustling for table dances, or hustling for stripper snatch, we all spend a lot of time in the local strip clubs. Lucky us, right? So we've taken a vote of our favorites. Each staffer was asked to pick his/her top five. A first choice club got five points, a fifth choice got one point. For criteria we used hot strippers, great music and where we're most comfortable hanging out and having a good time. A mega list was compiled and each club was given a point rating. We were only sorta surprised by the results. [Except for Frank, who upon hearing the winner was Devil's Point wanted us to fudge the results! Sorry, boss, I'm not that kind of girl. --V]



With 21 points, Devils Point narrowly edged out Magic Gardens in the last of the voting. They say you can tell whether or not you like a bar's owner when you first set foot in his bar. Obviously we at Exotic like our boss, who opened Devils Point just over a year ago. Hailed as "Dante's East," this den of delight is dark and red and features a full bar & awesome dancers--including the Porcelain Twins and Suicide Girls--doing often times unique choreographed sets to a great soundtrack. You never know what you might see here, from surprisingly good stand-up comedy to bizarre burlesque to the can't-beat-it good ol' bump'n'grind.



19 points. Maybe we love it cuz it's so darn close to our offices, but there are many reasons why Chinatown's old standby made the list. Magic has gained a reputation from coast to coast for "cinematically hot strippers who are the best DJs in the country."

The drinks are cheap, even the pool table sports great views and the bartenders are the friendliest in town. Visiting rock royalty like Lemmy Kilmister and Ryan Adams always wind up here, mingling with the cool kids and hot hipsters who make Magic the place to be seen downtown.




17 points. With three stages of the hottest strippers and some of the best (and cheapest) steaks in town, this club is on every best-of list, including Willamette Week's Dining Guide. Nice salad bar, too.




13 points. Extreme glamour and a smorgasbord of hot broads are Exotica's claims to fame.


#5--SASSY'S, CLUB 205 (tie)

10 points. The yin and yang of Portland strip clubs are represented in this tie. Sassy's is the quintessential small rock'n'roll strip bar, welcoming and hip.


Club 205 is a cavernous glitzy emporium of boobs, super styley and very glamorous. Both have incredibly hot chicks.

Everyone looks for something different in a titty bar, so we invite you to put your two cents in and vote online at xmag.com Also, Exotica II hadn't opened when votes were taken and tabulated. IT RULES!
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Mary's Club--9 points

Jody's, Stars Cabaret and Dolphin II--6 points

Cleopatra's Viewpoint, Beavers and Boom Boom Room East--4 points

Cocktails and Dreams--3 points

Sugar Shack, Union Jacks--1 point






*Sixth Annual Fetish Masquerade Ball featuring Dita Von Teese, February 14th, Roseland Theater.

*Penthouse Pet and Porn Queen Ashton Moore @ Stars Cabaret, February 18th-20th.

*Exotic's Covergirl Contest begins Thursday, February 26th @ Stars Beaverton!

*Jody's Valentine's Party on the 14th and FETISH BALL on the 29th.




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