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June 2004

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The boys are back in town... And they wanna blow their wads on you! Remember to work the first night or two after the ships come in or they’ll be flat-ass broke. But still cute... and young... and broke...

“My Ship Leaves Tomorrow...”

Welcome to Portland, sea men! Every club in town is rolling out the red carpet for ya’ll, and the Pallas’ carpet is the reddest! During Service Appreciation Week, June 9th-13th, they’re running FREE limo shuttles to their fancy schmancy joint where you’ll find “Big Time BBQ and drinks to match” and 2-for-1 table dances.

Pimp ‘N’ Ho Party @ Safari Showclub

Another idea whose time has come: “Who Will Be Crowned the Pimp or Madam of Portland 2004?” Find out on Saturday, June 26th! The winner will be picked by Bunnyranch owner Dennis Hoff who KNOWS his ho’s. At stake is an all-expense-paid trip to the Bunnyranch. (I’d like to see an itemized receipt!!!) Get there early to see the piranha feeding frenzy—every night at 9pm sharp. Bring a goldfish, get in free!

STARS Party Bus Rides Again

Let them do the driving... while you freak out with Stars’ gorgeous girls on the way to the casino, a Mariners game, a Beavers game, the Rose Festival, you name it! And for you more sophisticated types, Stars’ Annual Cigar Social takes place on June 24th (at the club— not on the bus).

Hello, Jello!

I just LOVE it when summer comes and the kiddie pools come out, ready to be filled with mud/ milk/ jello for girls to wrestle in! Jody’s hosts the first Jello Wrestling match of the season on June 19th. “Come and see your favorite dancer covered in jello and whipped cream!” Alright!

Want a Shake with Those Fries?

The Boom Boom Room’s Booty Shakin’ Contest might be over, but imitators are springing up all over town. Jody’s hosts their Best Damn Booty

Contest on June 18th, with hundreds of dollars in CASH MONEY PRIZES. Disappointed with your performance? Don’t worry—Dream On Saloon hosts their own Shake and Bake Contest the following week on June 24th.

Come Together!

Ever wonder what happened to those strippers you danced with five years ago? Where are they now? Well chances are they’ll be at Dream On Saloon June 9th for Heartbreakers Reunion. The party is “on Rob.”

Ever wonder what happened to those strippers you danced with twenty-five years ago? Chances are they’ll be at Jody’s 25th Anniversary Party on June 16th, enjoying prime rib, door prizes and drink specials.

Way Down South

Hustler Busty Beauty and Ms. Easy Rider Erika Steele will be in Salem June 15th - 19th, first at the Silver Dollar and then at the Firehouse. The Firehouse will also host a Beach Party Weekend June 11th and 12th and Fetish Night on June 26th.

Stars Salem hosts another of their infamous H2O Parties on Saturday, June 19th. Watch hot girls get wet! Also at Stars Salem, every Wednesday is Battle of the Bands. Winner opens for a “world class performer,” which we can only guess might be Vince “Mötley Crüe” Neil, who plays Stars’ Bike Festival on July 10th. Whoohoo!

Exotic News

Viva’s kickass rock band Coco Cobra and the Killers will play a FREE show @ the Twilight with Riot-a-Go-Go from San Francisco on Saturday, June 5th.

J.Mack plays host-with-the-most on June 13th, when he welcomes NYC’s Kid Capri to Berbati’s Pan. Also on the bill are Synlyriseez, AL.C, Black Duck with Joe Ghetto, World Famous DJ Chill, Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok and the C.A.S.T.L.E. BOYZ.

Finally, right on the heels of Severina’s whelping, Jim Goad became a GRANDFATHER. Good ol’ JG has his hands full with not one, not two, but NINE tiny pugs!! Mom Cookie is doing fine. Congratulations!




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