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  August 2004

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Hot Stuff

It’s August and it’s hot. The entire city is an erotic city with all the world sporting short ruffled skirts and sandals and halter tops and wifebeaters and tattoos.... What’s a strip club to do? Well, patio parties, shower stages, underwater table dances and bikini car washes, of course.

Boom Boom East’s Patio Parties kick off on Friday, August 13th and Saturday, August 14th and continue every weekend thereafter. There’ll be shower shows, fire shows, and BBQ! Wash it all down at Jody’s, featuring Margarita Mondays all month.

Exotic is having it’s 11th Anniversary Bash at Safari on Thursday, August 26th. Hang out with our covergirls, watch fire dancers, burlesque acts and “more we can’t mention,” and witness the first ever underwater table dance!!

Kid sister Dream On Saloon celebrates its 9th birthday the same day, so get ready to partay. They’ll be holding a dance contest where girls win cash. And don’t miss the pay-per-view telecast of WWE’s SUMMERSLAM on Sunday, August 15th at 4:30pm, only at Dream On.

Finally, if your car’s as dirty as your filthy mind, drive on over to Secret Rendezvous on the 22nd or Secret Pleasures on the 29th to get it hosed down by hot wet chicks!

Cool Stuff

The Pallas is pumpin’ all month long. Tattoo Thursdays continue—show your ink and get drink specials plus the chance to win a $100 dollar tattoo from Raven Ink. Get freaky and check out the cage stage on Fetish Fight Night on 8/6. Win special edition purple velvet bags at the Crown Royal Crazy party on 8/13, and set sail with Cutty Sark on 8/20 for the Sailin’ with the Sark party. The Wheel of Pleasure continues through 8/23 with crazy drink specials, big parties every Friday, and over 2000 prizes. To top it all off, check out Disco Inferno Playboy Edition on Friday, 8/27, featuring DJ Shortee, truth-or-dare with Pallas girls, seventies-priced drinks, and an opportunity to win authentic retro Playboy memorabilia.

Revisit the Rat Pack days at Stars Salem’s Cigar and Scotch Social on August 19th. Nuthin’ sexier than skinny blonde fillies puffin’ on big thick cigars all lubed up with scotch! Except maybe Dean Martin.

Stars Beaverton hosts homegrown porn queen Friday on Wednesday, 8/18. This sexy girl’s the star of hundreds of skin flicks, including Deep Throat This #4, Ass Worship #3, Enema
Debutantes and The Escort and has been featured in Hustler and D-Cup. One night only!

Media Watch

The Tribune and the Willamette Week are calling every other day, Viva’s half-naked in the Mercury, Jim Goad’s all over Hustler... Exotic is IN THE NEWS!

Evidently they find something fascinating about basic capital-ism, or maybe they’ve caught wind of the real story...the one where the Shetland pony’s head wound up in someone’s under-wear drawer...or maybe they believe the not-dead-yet mafia rumors surrounding our boss, cutie-pie Frank Flatch-Faillace... WW recently took issue with FF’s name change in a few years ago. They probably believe the girl next door is really named Safire, Secret, or Succubus. Really if that is newsworthy we’ve got them so scooped! The Trib called to see if we felt threatened by the debut of ? Magazine. No, never. Those other mags are just an ugly thorn in our side, cheapening our fine periodical—with its incisive award-winning journalism and hot “real girl” photographs—by their mere existence on the stands next to ours... Thanks again for supporting the only ALL-LOCAL, occasionally disgrace-ful, mostly satisfying and always helpful Exotic Magazine, where snobby English accents are not allowed!

In Other News

Downtown is home to a new club with a radical concept: strippers who keep their clothes ON! Cabaret is at the corner of 5th Avenue and West Burnside. Their Grand Opening party is August 6th and 7th, featuring belly dancers, fire shows and “much more.”

Almost as radical as strippers who don’t strip is the idea of a magazine without a name! Welcome to the fray, ? Magazine. See you in the streets, yo! Our entry into ?’s naming contest? How about VOODOO Magazine? Since rumor has it the owner of Voodoo Lounge is the investor... Rock! 8/14 — Hell’s Belles @ Dante’s 8/15 — Drumattica & The Porcelain Twinz @ Dante’s 8/27 — Famous Mysterious Actor @ Ash Street Saloon 8/28 — The Excuse @ Kelly’s Olympian






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