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  December 2004

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Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time to get loaded and screw the one you're with. Or you can kick it at home with the Baby Jesus Butt Plug, and celebrate the birth of some people's Lord and Savior in rapturous orgasm!! Or just rent Woody Allen movies and eat ice cream.


A.B.A.T.E. Doernbecher Children's Hospital Toy Run on December 4th


The party's goin' on ALL MONTH LONG at the Dancin' Bare, beginning on Wednesday, December 1st with Biker Babe Night. The wildest biker babe wins cash and prizes at this A.B.A.T.E. Toy Run kick-off party. Buy a ticket to win a new Harley! The following Saturday, December 4th, the Bare hosts a Biker Breakfast before the A.B.A.T.E. Doernbecher Children's Hospital Toy Run. What do bikers eat for breakfast, anyway? Beer and pussy, that's what. Then they ride en masse through downtown up to the Children's Hospital on Pill Hill, their bikes heaped with toys to give the kids. This is one of Portland's most wonderful celebrations of the season (and a hard one to miss cuz the thousand or so bikers clog up the streets for a good hour).


Bottoms Up!


God I love Bottom's Up, almost as much as I love Highway 30 where it's located. Last time I was there this older gentleman was plying the stripper gals with BEEF JERKY. Bottom's Up strippers LOVE beef jerky, and so do I. Know what else I love? Dino's. They're having another one of their extra special nights on Saturday, December 11th, featuring Desiderata and bar dancing divas.


Hate Shopping?


Dancin' Bare wants to help. On Wednesday, Dec.

15th, they're hosting Guys' Night Out Shopping Spree and Fashion Show. The Dancin' Bare babes will show you the hottest in lingerie, toys (naughty and nice), porn and more. When your old lady's getting feisty with you for getting home at 3am, just say you were out shopping for her!




Parties at every club in town. Pick your favorite, but don't miss JMack's bash at the Viper Room, featuring Young Lyfe.


Bush Lover Disappointed


Late one night during deadline, a forlorn-looking man stumbled into Exotic's discreetly located offices. Over a year ago, he said, one Viva Las Vegas had written a column about local strippers who sported fluffy piles of pubic hair. Where were these girls now? He'd been all around town asking bartenders and no one knew. Neither did Severina or Jim Goad, who were holding down the fort at the time. Severina told the poor wastrel that trends had changed, that everyone shaves now and that he better get the fuck out before she kicked his ass down the stairs.

Well, honeys? Any of you still rockin' the super-fuzz big muff? Tell me and I'll make sure the weirdos know where to find you. Email me at viva@xmag.com



Oi! to the World


COCO COBRA & THE KILLERS 12/3 @ Devils Point


JAMES MERCER of the Shins 12/10 @ the Roseland

THE NEINS 12/11 @ Beulahland. Toy Drive!

SLAYER 12/12 @ the Roseland





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