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Erotic City July 2005

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About two months ago, PlayboyTV got hip to the fact that Portland has A LOT of strip clubs. They called Exotic and asked what made Portland clubs unique. We said diversity. The fact that a city as small as Portland can support upwards of fifty strip bars means that each of those bars have to carve out their own niche. As a result we have fabulous neighborhood strip bars all over the place interspersed with a handful of big fancy schmancy joints that cater to every conceivable taste. And with clubs charging little to no cover and drink prices on par with non-strip bars, our clientele is fabulously diverse, too.

The Playboy folks thought that was enough of a scoop. In mid-June an L.A. contingent packed an SUV full of girls and ran around P-town, looking into this peculiarly Portland phenomenon. They hit downtown favorites Magic Garden and Mary’s, interviewing the rockers and hipsters at the rack, then headed to Devils Point where they filmed an awesome mini-Sinferno featuring fire dancers, burlesque acts, Suicide Girls and Fatal Beauties. Later they caught Miss Nude Oregon at the Dolphin II, where the packed house was partying hard. The Playboy boys said they’d never seen such a frenzied crowd. Finally they hit Exotica, which was teeming with gorgeous babes blowing fire, dancing with snakes, and shakin’ some serious booty. It was an awesome couple of nights. Thanks everyone for showing the Playboys a great time!


Congratulations to Athena of the Dolphin clubs! Combining elements of flamenco and Flashdance, her breathtaking performance whipped the Dolphin into a frenzy. If you missed it, you sorry sucker, you get a second chance when the Playboy special airs. The time to get TIVO is now!


America’s birthday is here again. If you’re feeling at all festive—or if you just want to drown out the last four years—head to Soobie’s where there are drink- and table dance specials all day. If you haven’t passed out by 8pm, you can catch Jody’s Fourth of July Party featuring a BBQ snack bar! (For your pre-Fourth celebration, be sure to hit Cabaret’s super-hot Anniversary Party on July 1 & 2!)

NEW SEX MAG IN TOWN — The Oregonian?

Congratulations to Magic Garden girlie April, who was featured in the Arts section of the Sunday Oregonian (6/12/05). Departing somewhat from tradition, the O painted a multi-faceted portrait of this awesome woman, highlighting her art, her marathon-running, her single motherhood and her job as a—gasp!—NAKED DANCER! One of the four big photos in the feature even showed April getting ready for work in the Magic’s dressing room. Word on the street is that fellow naked lady Teresa Dulce was also interviewed by the O regarding her participation in a Whitney-sponsored show at the City University of New York. Way to go, strippers!


Cool down at Soobie’s Bikini Car Wash! Watch as hot chicks suds up and spray down your ride, every Sunday from 3pm-7pm. Looking for more wet fun? Try Jody’s Super Hawaiian Pool Party on July 20th at 8pm. July 22nd it’s back to Soobie’s for their Body Paint Show.

STRIPPER BOXING is back! Thursday, July 21 at the Dolphin II. Open to all dancers from all clubs.

Exotic and Lush are teaming up for the wildest party of the summer! Let Lush’s exotic ladies titillate you at Wild Things on Friday, July 29th. (And watch for Exotic’s 12th Anniversary Party next month!!!)


Who is Tommy? I want to shake his hand. His empire of SE strip clubs is expanding: Tommy’s 3 celebrates its Grand Opening on Friday, July 15th at 80th and SE Foster. The man obviously knows how to throw a party: the event will feature prizes and giveaways, a Rump Shaker Contest and a Pole Dancing Contest with CASH PRIZES. And don’t miss Tommy’s BBQ every Sunday from noon-4pm.

ROCK, etc.

7/3 GET HUSTLE @ berbati’s
7/12 FU MANCHU @ berbati’s
7/15 VELABONZ @ devils point
7/16 AQUABATS w/ THE EPOXIES @ loveland
7/16 BECK w/ LE TIGRE @ memorial coliseum
7/30 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CAMP FOR GIRLS showcase @ wonder ballroom




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