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xmag.com : August 2005 : by Richard Meltzer

Every player has them—a few items that can be used for S/M but that don’t really fit the definition of “toys”. A friend of mine spent the entire course of a relationship being abused by such implements 24/7. She called them ‘pervertibles’. Whatever you call them, playing with them is one hell of a good time.
The first pervertible I like to use is rope. One of my favorite things to do is to tie a harness around a submissive’s breasts, compressing them. To tie a rope harness quickly and properly is not difficult, but you need to practice on something first. Barring a human, a dressmaker’s dummy or mannequin is useful. Speaking from some embarrassing experiences, not having enough technique can screw things up hugely. I recommend VERY strongly checking out a website (nawashibari.com is a good one) before you attempt to tie one. It isn’t difficult to do, but there is a right way and a wrong way and you can really hurt someone if you do it the wrong way.
Although in rope bondage you would typically use rope to tie a sub’s arms behind her, for our purposes we will use the next pervertible on the list: duct tape. The dull gray, inch-and-a-half or two-inch type is best. You might want your sub completely depilated for this; then again you might not. Whatever pleases your sadistic little heart. Pull her arms behind her back and draw them up slightly, not hard enough to really hurt but enough to be physically uncomfortable. Communication is very important here; when your sub uses her safeword or even if you hear that certain squeak that means, “Too much!” let off immediately. You have to be able to read your sub, and she has to trust you completely. Most subs feel extremely exposed in this position, kneeling, arms drawn back, torso leaning slightly forward, breasts jutting out and beginning to ache.
The proper way to duct tape a sub’s arms behind her is to simply have her put her hands together, fist in fist, and straighten them. Run a length of tape around her upper arm, then wind the tape down her extended arms. You want it tight enough so that she can’t move, but you don’t want to press her arms together.
Now the sub is immobile. This is a good time to touch her. Use a light, caressing touch (a feather on the breasts drives some submissives insane, especially if you’ve used a crotch rope). Keep your voice soft, light, and even. A common Dom-ly trick is to describe what is going to happen in general terms without being specific: for example, “I’m going to beat you until you scream,” when spoken softly and gently with your fingertip running down her cheek can do wonders to ramp up her feelings of fear and your feelings of power. A light slap of her face is not uncalled for. Now is a good time to get a blowjob if you want one. You may find that you last longer when she doesn’t have her hands to cheat with. Teaching her to deep throat is useful, but beyond the scope of this article. The point is to let her know you are in charge by creating a lot of powerful emotions inside her—fear, love, sexual lust and arousal. You want to manipulate, to “play” her feelings like a violin. You want her to understand that you control these feelings inside her—their creation, manifestation, resolution, and release are in your hands. You want her to really know that she can’t do any of it herself; her only hope of the release she craves is to relax and let you do things.
I’m a big fan of Vick’s Vapo-Rub. When applied lightly to a sub’s cunt lips, it burns powerfully but causes no lasting damage. Also, of course, rubbing some on the distended nipples of a recalcitrant sub who refuses to open her mouth so that her Master might use it for its intended purpose can be a wonderful way to help your sub relax and know her place. Always keep your voice gentle, pleasant, and even. If the sub can manipulate you into losing your temper then she is topping you.
Another thing I’ll mention as a “budget bondage” item is a breast flogger that can be made out of shredded bungee cord. Don’t try to use it as a punishment; instead, reserve its use for that special woman who likes deep sexual pain. Flogging a sub’s distended purple breasts with this can have her sobbing, begging, and eventually slipping off into sub-space. How can you go wrong? (The instructions for this can be found at saroftreve.com)
Another great thing to use on a submissive are clothespins. Using them to clip her tits, nipples, labia and thighs can be a wonderful way to heighten sensation. Again, clipping her nipples and running over her breasts gently with a feather can make a properly inclined woman mad. Tugging at clothespins attached to her nipples, stretching her nipples and breasts . . . she’ll scream for more.
Of course, there’s the pervertibles everybody knows about: ping-pong paddles, long-handled hairbrushes and so on. But did you know that you can turn the most stubborn woman to putty in your hands with an ice cube? How? Simple. Stimulate her clit and pussy. Use your tongue, your belt, your fingers, anything. Get her to the point that she is begging for orgasm, then surprise her. Grab an ice cube and ice her down. Make sure she’s properly bound, though. Do this twice and on the third time let her come. Men talk in the locker room; women talk on the phone. An ice cube and a skilled tongue is a great way to make yourself the topic of some of those phone conversations.
Banjo picks are also a great pervertible. Banjo picks? No, I’m not about to devolve into some bizarre Deliverance-style fantasy. What you want are metal fingerpicks, preferably steel. You can get them online at musiciansfriend.com. Buy five of them—they are about two bucks each for really good ones—take them home, put them on your fingers and you’ll find that you have . . . claws. Do I have to explain to you what to do with these? Again, be gentle. Quality is always more important than quantity. Run your fingers down her back, over her ass, then grab a handful of ass and slap it. Examine the color. Is it to your liking?
Two things I have to note at this point, because there is always some screwball with the brains of a dust mite waiting for articles like this so he has permission to fuck everything up for the rest of us. Saying things like “I’m going to beat you until you scream” and making your sub afraid should only be done when two people really, really trust each other. Don’t do it with that chick you brought home from the bar or the girl your buddy set you up with (at least not the first time you sleep together) unless you want to find yourself in prison, being beaten until you scream. Judges do not like that shit and no jury will believe she consented. I urge you not to test this point of American law unless you want to find yourself doing heifer service for a large man named Bubba and his friends. Communication during all the things I talked about is important, as is knowing your sub and how she reacts to things. You want to watch her for signs of panic and rapid breathing. Be safe and keep a first-aid kit with EMT snips nearby.
Another point that I neglected as it is slightly outside the scope of this writing: for God’s sake, bring the girl to orgasm. You can do it when she’s bound, but you’ll want to do it (after a proper amount of begging and pleading) or you’ll be faced with a seriously crabby woman for a week. How would you like it if someone did it to you? Oh—and after you’ve both had your fun, hold her. Lie with her, touch her, and let her know you love her even though she likes the things you just did to her. That’s one of the most important things you can imagine.






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