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February 2006

Welcome back, Portland. Hopefully by now, you’re aware there have been some changes in the pages of the Rose City’s ONLY Adult Entertainment Guide. Last month I spent a good part of this column excusing my own scandalous presence back at the wheel of my former wrecking ball of a column, but I forgot to fill you in on a couple of important details. The new direction we’re taking this mag (editorially speaking) has only just begun. In upcoming months, we hope to showcase local Portland talent of all kinds: bands, artists, DJs, entertainers and more. This month’s feature is a little hung-up on love and romance (or the lack thereof), but next month we’ll be hoping to bring you some of the best entertainment Portland has to offer. But I’ll need your help on this…you know someone who belongs stuck in the middle of our naughty little pages? Pass it on and contact us here at Exotic at, or let’s be friends on our new myspace page, Remember, kids, this is Exotic magazine, so no wimps, posers or wannabes need submit. In the past I just woulda suggested one of our competitors for that, but hey, they’re all gone now, what can I say?

On to the news! Our kick-ass sales staff overloaded the hell out of me this month with loads of special events so I’d keep my mouth shut and keep ’em outta trouble…so here goes!

Lush fires off this smorgasbord of sinful entertainment with AVN Hall of Famer Stephanie Swift as well as a Limo Party sponsored by Exotic magazine. You won’t wanna miss this one. Being a veteran of a several Exotic limo trips myself, I could tell you some stories (if I could only remember them). April will bring the return of the mother of all contests—the Miss Nude Oregon Pageant will boast a $4000 prize booty. It’s open to all entertainers, so start getting your “act” together and go for the crown, ladies.

It’s kinda fun to watch from afar as the “talent rotation” continues to shuffle in our fine little industry. Atlantis Showgirls (formerly the Hideaway), now completely remodeled, is offering a free Texas Hold ’Em tourney every Tuesday and Wednesday, and ladies, there is no house fee…EVER! Atlantis is now under the command of Claude Da Corsi and his crew. Let’s see—Claude (formerly of Safari and Viewpoint) wants us to know he wasn’t fired. “In this industry…you don’t lose your job…you just lose your turn.” True, true Claude. I’ve seen certain PDX individuals (who shall remain nameless) that have circled every premier club in town two or three times now, and I’m talking about management—dancers can do that in a month.

BA Video on 52nd wants us to know they are now stocking a huge selection of rare videos that um…bring out the “animal” in you. Stop by for an Erotic Pajama Party at the Dolphin I on Thursday, Feb. 16th and Dolphin II on Thursday, Feb. 23rd. One of my favorite porn stars, Janine, will be the Mistress of Ceremonies celebrating the grand opening of Stars Salem on February 25th at 6PM. Tix are $30 in advance, with tons of VIP perks, thousands in prizes, and a Jane Doe casting contest for the upcoming film Welcome to Detroit.

My old alma mater Union Jacks is turning up the heat this month with a brand-new series of cabaret acts on Friday, February 24th, including feature theme sets from former local porn star Solara Starr, Exotic Covergirl Gia’s Old School burlesque review and one of the “hottest” fire dancers of all time, Ty Fyre.

Wow, looks like Stars is broadening their horizons this Valentine’s Day as they present the Star’s Fetish Circus, featuring body-mod manipulations and suspension, live tattoo art, fire shows and tarot-card reading. And just to think, I remember the days when Ink-n-Pink was just too darn freaky for ’em. Way to go, guys, sounds like a blast, wish I could be there.

Welcome to Crazy Times out on 112th and Holgate—stop by and check out their amazing selection of glass pipes, detox aides, and more. When in Salem, be sure to stop by LaDonna’s, where you can get free private dances with paid admission and drink purchase every Monday. Fascinations on Foster has re-adopted its former name back to Scarlett Ribbons. Rockstar Promotions is now shaking up one of PDX’s classic skin joints, The Dancin’ Bare. Babydolls & Honeysuckles are looking at reopening next month—phew, that was a lotta info in one paragraph, I told ya they’re choking me with news here, kids.

Onward—Wildcats, home of the best tail in town, is tearing it up on Fat Tuesday with a Wild Mardi Gras bash, and of course a HUGE Super Bowl party on Sunday, February 5. While we’re on the subject of the Super Bowl, at press time I’m gonna be so bold as to say GO SEAHAWKS! (Fingers crossed.) Other venues to take in the game include Bottoms Up, with specials all day long and a massive big screen for your viewing pleasure. Tommy’s II & III are offering a free buffet from noon to the final tick in addition to lots of giveaways. Dream On Saloon is throwing some prizes into the pool on game day as well, in addition to a dance contest on the 23rd with cash prizes. Then hop on over to the Pallas on the 24th for Gary the Retard plus Jade and Kami’s Birthday Bash. The Pallas is also featuring a free buffet on Mondays through Wednesdays from noon to four. Last and certainly not least, Jody’s Bar and Grill presents Nightcap Friday on Feb 24th featuring the all new “bed-stage,” plus “Girl-Next-Door Night” every Thursday.

That’s it, kids, I’m out, enjoy the lineup this month, looks pretty damn good from here.





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