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Whatz Crackin By J.Mack

It’s almost the end of summer and it seems like the town is still heating up! I admit there have been some live shows in town recently and I hope that we continue to support our local catz, as well as the national acts that slide through Portland. In this month’s column I will clear the air on some nightclub rumors, and let you know what the haps are around town. I also got another honey for ya’ll to check out… oooh weee!!!

First Up “Who Threw Down”

One of the tightest shows of the summer had to have been E-40 at the Roseland Theater.This concert was jam packed with every nationality under the sun!!! The under-card even had it on and “Crackin!” In my opinion E-40 put on one of the best shows I have ever seen him do!!! From the moment he took the stage to the time he got off, the whole place was jumpin’. From top to bottom, the concert was like a gigantic dance floor and everybody was on it!!! Big ups to Jus’ Family Records and Cool Nutz for continuing to provide the town with entertainment we can all appreciate! I look forward to your next joint!!!

One other artist that really left a good impression on me was “Sassey” at the DJ QUIK concert. After losing her mother Linda“Ghetto Moms” Adams, Sassey had kind of questioned remaining in the music industry, because her mother was one of her biggest inspirations. It was so good to see her back on the stage! After opening her show with a beautiful heartfelt song that she had written for her mom,“Sassey” laced everyone in attendance up with a classic performance!!! Keep up the good work baby, and I’m glad to see you back at it!!! Much love & $UCE$$! My prayers go with you and your family…

Next Up -- Now Why They Wanna Go and Do That?

While chillin’ at the pad a few weeks ago, I happened to catch the news when it first came on. One of the top stories was a nightclub that was closing do to some type of violations. Being in the nightclub business, I of course wanted to see who they were talking about.When it got to that particular part of the news, it happened to be a club that I do promotions at.The cold thing about it is, the club is not closing! It seems that lately, clubs that play any form of Hip-Hop are under more pressure than clubs that don’t! This pressure comes from certain city officials that may or may not have good solid reasons. My thing is that if the rules are going to go a certain way for one, they should go the same for all the others.There should never be any exceptions due to what kind of music the club plays, or because of the kind of people that attend these nightclubs.The way it came across on the news gave the viewing audience a far different understanding then what the truth of the matter really was. As a journalist myself, I refuse to put something out there that is not true, or something that I could not prove! They jumped the gun and broadcasted something that they may have wanted to see occur, but in all actuality it never even happened! That is not cool!!!


Is currently welcoming people that want to let me know what they got crackin’ and where it’s crackin’ at. I also have an archive of past Exotic Magazine articles for you to check out as well. Plus if you or someone you know is interested in being my featured“Honey of the Month”, please submit a recent photo and some general information about yourself. Females only please! Make sure you also check out some newly added flicks.

This month’s winner is Foxxxy, and I can honestly say that she is beautiful inside and out! Her personality is just as sexy as her looks. I congratulate you for being the September 2006, Honey of the Month!!!

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Until next month, shake all haters and keep it “Crackin”!!!

One Love, J.Mack









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