The subject I find most erotic apparently isn't that big a deal to most other people. But still, I can't stop obsessing about it. No, it's not bondage and discipline or sadomasochism, it's not cybersex or bloodsports, enemas or bestiality. It's not transexualism, piercing, tattoos or even fashionable vinyl. It's something that, to me, transcends all of those things put together. Can you guess what sexual demon has full and complete possession of my mind, body and soul? That's right, it's squirting female orgasms...and the women who squirt.

Think about it for a moment, isn't that the core essence of female sexual 'liberation?' Everyone was so concerned about orgasm, but not that many seemed to want to dive into the ocean of female ejaculation. Maybe they were scared. Maybe they were freaked out or intimidated by the huge volume of "cum" that some women are capable of releasing. There are several videos out which graphically show this mysterious phenomenon. They also show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's not urine. The current fascination with this subject has turned the tables on the sex industry, what with "Squirt Queens" competing for the championship title. (The goddess Lili Exene is a strong contender.) What I mean is that there's now a big market for the role reversal. Men Who Suck Pussy and Eat Cum, 1001 Female Cumshots, Women Who Shoot Huge Loads or Flying Female Cumshots...just imagine the possibilities.

One film that this connoisseur highly recommends is called Oh, My Gush and is available through Cabalero Video. It's one of the most incredible amateur collections ever. This one might be out of print or hard to find, however. But if you can get any kind of stimulation from beautiful, gorgeous, sweet young women who love to show you just how good it makes them feel to ejaculate, this one's for you. If you find a copy of this video, let the editor know...I want one of my own.

Also, for the more "intellectually" minded, How to Female Ejaculate, a film by Fanny Fatale, is a valuable educational tool with a serious intro covering the scientific facts. Later, she demonstrates, with three of her of whom is able to shoot her stream four feet across the room several times! That woman is too much!

The only problem, for me, is that Fanny's video has no interaction between the women. They are only getting themselves off. But it's still definitely worth watching.

Many of the women who read this might be wondering why, even though they have orgasms, they still don't feel satisfied. That's easy to answer, you have to learn how to ejaculate. It's up to you to achieve total sexual satisfaction. A few tips I can give from an herbal standpoint are to drink hot damiana or dong quai tea. These can help increase female hormones and stimulate juice production. Also, deep abdominal massage (along with the rest of your body) assists in the process of relaxation of tension, which is one reason many women can't seem to squirt. Acupuncture is for the really blocked, "stagnant chi." Some women might find acupuncture quite helpful in dealing with sexuality issues in general. Chinese medicine considers the female ejaculate "the nectar of heaven" and can have great healing powers for one's partner by helping him or her strengthen their own chi.

I'd like to also point out that just as female ejaculation is important to the woman, not just for pleasure but also for the general health of her body, male semen retention is important to the man. Men should learn semen retention by using tantra and/or Taoist yoga in order to build up their chi, which is their vital life force energy. The goal here is to have longer lasting sex, not just squirt and roll over for a nap.

Taoist (Chinese) techniques of sexual self-mastery have been around for over 5,000 years, as has Vedic (East Indian) tantra. The Chinese system seems to be more focused and less complicated by the jargon of religious mysticism. The Taoist sexual practices branch from the same tree as martial arts. These are the same martial arts that ancient wiseguys learned from nature. I highly recommend the books of Mantak Chias, especially for "cultivating female sexual energy." Men can also benefit from studying these texts. In the western world we can always use more information on ways to increase pleasures of the flesh. My philosophy is, if you find something that works, by all means explore it.

Let me tell you a bit about my fantasy world. I'd like to see a world where the sex education classes are required to include female ejaculation, along with a whole bunch of other stuff, in their lesson plans. Young girls are busy learning how to squirt..I mean, why discriminate? If it's ok for boys then why not for girls? What kind of sexism would that be? Obviously, we'd need to revise our text books. But I'm not jumping to conclusions. I'm not interested in sex with kids. I'm interested in what kinds of adults those little girls will be like if they are taught the full story of sexual function.

Nearly every man I've asked thinks female ejaculation is normal and big thing. But when I've asked, "does she squirt?" I've usually received the answer "no." Now, if a man didn't squirt he'd be labeled impotent or sexually dysfunctional. But what about women?

There are different kinds of female cum, also. Thin and watery, thick and watery, and thick and creamy. Jasmine Aloha's cooze is of the third variety. The thick and creamy white kind seems to have more pheromones and tastes like honey accompanied by a sweet scent. When you massage it into your cock and balls the sensation is like an electric charge orgasmically melting its way through your flesh to your very bones. This variety of female ejaculate seem to come from the woman's deepest level, the very core of her female energy.

A man or woman fortunate enough to have a partner who can share this experience with them is blessed indeed. It's interesting to note that in Fanny's video (available through the Good Vibrations catalogue), she says that women can cum using toys, but nothing beats the real thing. So men do have some purpose in life: to make women cum!

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