"Depraved Fantasies" from Fantastic Pictures

This disc shocked me. Not necessarily in an unpleasant way; but after seeing so many classic variations on the zoom-in-on-wet-genitalia school of videography, it's a surprise to see something truly new. No, don't be disappointed; just because it contains some genuine surprises doesn't mean it has no close-ups of genitals. But it's good to be surprised and to have one's boundaries pushed a little. This disc did it. (Quarts of motor oil. Three women. Funnels. Say no more.)

Installation and navigation with Depraved Fantasies is fairly straightforward. Fantastic Pictures is in the habit of recycling a common colorful, easy-to-use control interface for the movies in all of its discs; this uniformity makes it a breeze to get right to the action. If you'd rather not even bother with that and you're using OS/2 or WinDoze95, just open up the disc's icon and start rooting around for the movies yourself. By playing the movies manually, you can have better control (fast-forward, rewind, freeze-frame, export stills, etc.) than you might via Fantastic Pictures' uni-interface. One word of warning, though - the installation routine (unsurprisingly) screws up your current copy of QuickTime. If you're obsessive about the due date on your video playback code, reinstall QuickTime with the most current version after you've finished viewing this disc, or you may end up with all sorts of mysterious trouble with digital video on your system.

This disc is worth looking at. All of the footage contained in it was excerpted from Fantastic Pictures' films, Gangbang Cumshots 1 (previously reviewed in this column), Starbangers 1 - 4 and Depraved Fantasies 2 (also reviewed previously).

"Doors of Passion II" from Romsoft, Inc.

This disc has a gamelike environment. One wanders through a (crudely) rendered 3-D mansion, clicking on things randomly, and occasionally getting a steamy video clip as a reward. While (a) this idea is a little overused and (b) the graphics are extremely crude by current standards, the disc functions perfectly (for me) - I didn't find a single bug in my several-hour experimenting. (That's extremely unusual.) There is ostensibly some fragment of a plot, but it only really comes on strong in the first video clip and then fades quickly and quietly away to limbo where it belongs.

Installation's a breeze and for once this seems to be a disc that does not necessarily overwrite QuickTime files - a nice touch. The video clips aren't too grainy (a miracle), well-colored, and seem to be compressed just enough for it to be worthwhile on my obsolete 2x CD-ROM drive. Again, this is also another case in which the tech-heads can just circumvent the interface altogether and pick and choose from the video clips manually via some file manager in their operating system.

This disc isn't really remarkable, to be honest, but it does have the invaluable quality of being respectably stable and bug-free. Rent or buy it from The Peep Hole, Groupware or another adult video shop, for a rainy day.

You can find these titles, and others, at your favorite adult video shoppe, including ye olde Peep Hole.

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