Lots of stuff happening in the Portland area this month... For everyone who has demanded it, the Lick Sisters at Doc's tops the menu on Tuesday, May 14th at 9pm... CJ's features the world famous oil-wrestling gals from LaLa Land, the Hollywood Knockouts on Monday, May 13th. Call the club for more details at (503) 252-3529... Club 122 and the Main Event feature centerfold and adult video star Timber the week of May 1 through 4, and the beautiful adult video star Ashley Phillips May 13 through May 18. Call the hotline at (503) 727-2463 for Club 122 times, and (503) 399-9233 for Main Event times... Union Jacks Club steps up for another "Annual Bash" this month on Sunday, May 5th. Lots of very cheap and free stuff available all day and night... The Bank is hosting a Benefit for Greenpeace on Thursday, May 16th starring performances by Taylor Made (current female kick-boxing champion of the world), Orchid (Miss Nude Oregon '95), Symphony Rose, Goddess Severina and Mistress Naughtia. You probably shouldn't miss this one. The Bank is in for major changes next month with a million dollar remodeling effort in the works... Exquisite Tan's Full House Day with 8 models available all day long is Saturday, May 25th. If you haven't tried the lingerie shows out yet, this is the day to do it, and if you have, this is the day to do it, too... The Silver Dollar Club in Eugene is now under new management and boasts the only Shower & Hot Tub Stage in Oregon. Take it from us, it's worth checking out... Doc's goes through another heap of changes this month. Oregon Entertainment is now booking the club. That's right, the people that keep Sassy's, 92nd Street Club and 505 Club rockin' every day and night are now booking Doc's. The Beer Garden and Patio Showers will be opening in June... Rumor has it that Fantasy Adult Video will be opening another new store downtown on Burnside, just down the street from Blockbuster and Hollywood Video... Ol' Rooster has the expansion bug again, with Oregon's first Dancer Beer Garden ON THE ROOF! It should all happen by the end of May. Call (503) 289-1351 and ask... Montego's had another one of their famous contest/parties in April and the house was packed. As a result, the first prize cash came out higher than expected. Shelley, featured in their ad this month, won the dough, and Penny won the costume prize dressed as a guy... X-otic Tan on 72nd Avenue has closed, but the 82nd store is still open and running strong... The Q.T. Pub in Sherwood has re-opened. We apologize for the premature news of it's demise last month... Dillinger's Shower Contest has moved to Tuesday nights. The management of both Dillinger's and Pop-A-Top wish to thank all Exotic readers for their enormous attendance during the Shower Contests, "It's been a huge success." See some pix from Dillinger's in Exotic Uncovered this issue (page 24)... The Oh' Zone a new adult video and dancer costume store is opening right next to Pop-A-Top. More details next month... Tommy's and Tommy's Too, formerly Harpo's and Soapy's, have both finished with a beautiful and classy remodeling job. Make sure you stop by and see all the changes... RC's Dungeon has proven very popular with couples wishing to privately explore S&M practices. RC's now has a Fetish Club that is growing daily... Fetish Night at LaLuna is on Sunday, May 19th. It's starting to get mighty crowded on these special nights... Bad Kitty, a new dancer clothing outlet featuring funky costumes, hemp clothes, glass and novelties is opening early this month. Be sure to stop by and check it out if you're downtown. It's right next to Galleri 8 and Umbra Penumbra. Call (503) BAD-KTTY for more info... Also downtown, the Image Transfer Studio will feature an erotic photo exhibit "Delilah x 3" all month long. The gallery is located at 625 SW 10th Avenue, Suite 111.

This month there will be seventeen new paper racks out on the streets of Portland and Seattle carrying Exotic. And we have plenty more on the way. Distribution manager, Rex Breathes, tells me we will not rest until there's an Exotic paper rack on every downtown corner of every city on the west coast.

It's a big time of year for our kind of movies. Pin-Up Queen, thousand-time Playboy/Penthouse covergirl, and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson's Barb Wire opens in early May, and 33-year-old Demi Moore's Striptease, opens on June 7. Moore received 12.5 million-- the highest fee ever paid an actress-- for stripping on celluloid. Burt Reynolds co-stars as a sleazy South Florida politician. Moore's 7-year-old daughter Rumer (who also has a part in the flick) when asked by mommy which part she liked best said, "When your bra came off!" Says hubby Bruce Willis, "Wait till you see her." Says Moore,"I grind and bump enough to make the $12 million worth it."

Meanwhile, up north in Seattle, Erotic City informer John Hoffman of the Community for Creative Chaos sent us this community service information:

Through the wonderful workings of the Washington State Public Disclosure Law (RCW 42.17), citizens can now order erotic video tapes directly from government officials.

Here's all you need to do, kids. Send a letter to Ms. Londi Lindell, City Attorney, City of Federal Way, 33530 1st Way South, Federal Way, WA 980003-6210. Say this in your letter...

"Under the Washington State Public Disclosure Law, I would like to obtain a copy of a document in your possession, specifically the one video tape of a dancer at the Deja Vu establishment in Federal Way, allegedly fondling the clothed genital area of an undercover police officer. This is the same tape presented to the Law and Justice Committee of the Washington State Senate on January 23, 1996 and viewed by the Federal Way City Council on August 15, 1995.

Thanks and have an erotic day!"

Enclose a check or money order for a mere $5, made out to City of Federal Way. Be sure to write upon the money order that this is for an erotic dancer tape! In a short while -- by government standards -- you will get a brief video depicting, in graphic detail, how the King County Police Department and the City of Federal Way use your tax dollars to persecute acts between consenting adults.

Amaze friends and family with your mastery of public disclosure law. Great fun at your next party. Be the first in your neighborhood to order smut from the pillars of purity in the great city of Federal Way.

In addition to strip clubs, adult bookstores and peep shows, there are a couple of Adult Malls on Highway 99. These places don't refer to themselves as such, but that's what they are. Maybe adult strip malls would be better. Both malls are located south of the airport around 290th Street.

They are like any other strip mall; a bunch of shops in a straight row right off the highway with plenty of parking. Yet nearly all the stores appeal to a male clientele.

The first Adult Mall includes Video Blue, a store we don't like because they won't distribute our magazine. Love Pantry has an outlet, one of several around the area. This store appeals to women as well as men. Lots of sexy clothing and soft core porn videos. The Holiday Spa and Kay's Massage are right next door to each other. We've never been inside, instead letting our imaginations wander when we see these two doorways. For drinks you can stop off at friendly Clyde's pub after a friendly session at one of the spas. An International Longshoremen's and Warehouse Union office is in the complex for working men in need of relaxation. For guys who need training in street fighting, check out the Progressive Fighting Arts club for lessons in the martial arts. One store that seems out of place here is Born Again. No, not a fundie Christian place; it's a store for tot's clothing.

The other Adult Mall, a few blocks south, is home to three of our favorite sports: X-otic Tan, T&A Video and Bookstore, and Young's Pipe and Tobacco. All three outlets carry Exotic Magazine. Two spas are in the complex: Atarasi's and the Crystal's. Four other stores catering to men fill in the complex: a military surplus store, a barber shop, a tattoo parlor and a fishing gear store.

Happy shopping.

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