Well, here I am with more links o’ smut. I was hoping to have information on telnet-able smut BBS’s but, with the Communications Decency Act, many have gone underground. I will dig up a few for you next month, for your drooling pleasure.

This month I have a backlog of sites suggested by my readers. (Thanks to all who have sent stuff in!)

The Body Modification E-Zine (http://www.io.org/~bme/)
Not porn per se, but some interesting pictures involving people with metal in private places. Remember: “Having a Prince Albert means never losing your car keys again.” This site has one of the best page designs I have seen in a while.

Calyxa’s Piercing Page (http://www.best.com:80/~calyxa/bodyart/pierce/index.html)
Here is another page of people with metal in their anatomy. This one a bit more explicit.

The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide (http://sleepingbeauty.com/world/netsex.html)
This is the motherload of porn indexes! This site is undergoing revision, but it contains a HUGE list of sites. Check this one out!

The Photo Exchange BBS (http://www.girliepix.com/photo_ex/pehome01.htm)
This is a dial-up BBS with a home page. They have a fair number of photographs. Many nudes, many of dancers. No hard core stuff, but some nice pictures none-the-less.

Ana Loria’s Directory of Safe Sex Programs (http://www.safesex.org/)
I don’t know what to make of this one... It claims to pay men for “safe sex” (i.e. jerking off). I’m not certain if this is just a way to get more sperm donors or what. It doesn’t really tell you what’s going on. They have a directory of clinics you can go to and claim to have three locations in Portland, but it’s going to cost you $14.95 to find out.

Lick Sisters Page (http://www.adultweb.com/licksisters/)
The Lick Sisters page has moved to a new site. It’s slated to have new pictures, a member’s section and lots of new stuff.

E-mail any comments, links, death threats, propositions, money, and/or nubile young women to me and the daemons of the net will send it to me after they figure out why it hurts when they IP.

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