"Eurotica" from Ocean Graphics

This disc is little more than a collection of images, which is fairly ho-hum in our 32-bit-wavetable-sound-and-full-motion-video-on-6x-CD-ROM world. But these images really stand out from the crowd.

The models are not traditional porn fare. This is extremely artistically done T&A (to be crude) of some of the more upper-crust EuroModels who adorn our beer commercials. The photos are taken with exquisite care, some in really stunning natural backgrounds. (Which I freely admit I’m a sucker for.)

Aesthetics aside, there are some features that the more technically-minded will find interesting – all of the images are in Kodak’s PhotoCD format – that means each image is 4,096 pixels by 4,096 pixels and in 16.7 million colors. Less quality-oriented image collections, run somewhere between 640x480 and 1024x768 pixels in size, and 256 to 65,000 colors. That way, the images are smaller and you can pack more pix per disc. But if you like really high-quality images for your viewing (and editing) pleasure, this is the disc for you.

View these images in PhotoShop for maximum tweaking, or use the handy digital slide projector.Trust me – a chimp can figure it out.

"Private Prison" from New Machine Publishing

This one’s clever. It installs well, has a slickly-designed gamelike interface (with an option to turn the game off completely and just gawp at video), and a number of clever options that I’d love to see better implemented by other companies.

The interface takes the shape of a map. You can move a pointer around the map, locating conveniently solitary women lurking in the boathouse, the drawing room, in the pantry with a candlestick, whatever. Once you’ve located the woman of your choice, you can review a “file” on the prisoner, largely consisting of a slideshow with clever voice balloons, or you can view a “live video feed” of her.

Much of the game consists of repairing video links between areas of the map so that you can reward yourself with a flesh-toned video. The game’s actually pretty clever and engaged my attention for a fair while, and the overall simplicity of the interface made things fast and easy.

The video is well done and features absolutely no one I recognize – if it weren’t so rare, I’d say that someone actually shot some footage especially for this disc. You can also to play the video full-screen, as opposed to in a window inside a window – and the video smoothness is stunning. Whatever algorithm they used to compress the video, I’m impressed. It’s a well-done disc with many good surprises. Could be a lot of fun for a couple to play, couldn’t it?

Thanks to The Peep Hole for letting me take a look at these disks. You’ll find them, and others, at many adult video/CD shops.

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