Wedding Bell Blues
No more same-sex marriage ceremonies in Paris, France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently informed Sweden. Until the announcement in April, gay couples traveling from Sweden, one of three countries with registered-partnership laws granting full marriage rights (except church weddings, adoption and artificial-conception) would marry inside the Swedish embassy located in romantic Paris. Many Swedes exchange wedding vows in the embassy, which is legally Swedish territory.

Like Your Coffey with a Little Bite?
Note to myself: when your boss is running for Presidential re-election, don’t bite strippers on the arm. U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey, sad for his career, didn’t make that note in his Dayplanner before he lost a big drug case and drowned his sorrows at an adult nightclub. Since Republican presidential contender Senator Bob Dole’s campaign has moved its critical focus from President Clinton’s federal judges to prosecutors, Coffey’s little love bite couldn’t have come at a worse time. The top federal prosecutor of Florida’s resignation was effective May 31. No word on whether the dancer received a tip or whether the bite was given during a comforting lap dance.

New York State Persecutes S&M Couple
First an ex-friend broke into their house and stole a video tape showing Steven Houghton playing with his wife Selina on a St. Andrews cross. Then the couples children, six and twelve, were taken by the county child protection agency. After an investigation and counseling sessions, the agency repeatedly recommended the children be returned to their stable, caring home. Four months later, the children are still in foster care, the couple has lost their jobs, been thrown from their their home., and have sold most of their belongings to pay court fees. The Houghton’s, even though no evidence exists, have been charged with negligence, reckless endangerment and assault...all based on the video tape, which did not include the children in any way. “Oh, brave new world with such people in it.”

Old Enough to Die But Not to Peep?
We know that the government has been busy getting off our backs with a number of civil rights limiting laws but this time they’re taking on the men with the big guns. Apparently congress doesn’t want the guy whose hand will touch the Big Red Button to have been touching his own big red something. Military installations may no longer carry sexually explicit magazines or videos. Some of our greatest American heros are voicing their disapproval. One elite Army honor guard member explained that the freedom to make “choices like this is why we’re here.” Gracious as always, our senators quickly pointed out that, when not being shot at, our military men and women are free to subscribe to, or purchase off base, any adult materials they choose. Your tax dollars at work...I feel safer already.

Finally, Some Good AIDS News
Macaque monkey vaginas may hold one answer to slowing the spread of AIDS to women. A powerful virus-stopping gel called PMPA, which is spread inside the vagina before intercourse (or perhaps even afterward) has proven highly effective against the simian version of AIDS. Research suggests that PMPA, which does its work much like AZT (but is more potent and 100 times less toxic) may be twice as effective as the spermicide nonoxynol-9, which also kills HIV. Developers still need to show that these results will also be found in humans and that PMPA does not cause irritation.

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