"Frisky Summer"
Dir: George Duroy
Starring: Ion Davidov, Johan Paulik, Milos Janek, Kristian Jensen...

This neat little film. features many lithe European men doing all sorts of primarily nude lithe European outdoorsy things in and around a beautiful, aging, non-lithe European mountain chalet. I’d tell you some details about the plot, but there really doesn’t seem to be any serious attempt to have one. There is very little spoken dialogue, and what dialogue there is, is primarily whispered softly, masked by deep breathing, the occasional body part, bisyllabic, and in at least three different languages. This doesn’t seem to be that much of a drawback.

Whether gay porn is your bag or not, this film is as aesthetically pleasing, sensual and as carefully structured visually as a Roger Mapplethorpe photograph. Everywhere the videographer looks there is an additional scene to augment the sex – a stunning valley view, a waterfall, an ancient bedroom with blackened roofbeams and a window opening onto a meadow of flowers.

The social interactions between these young men is several orders of magnitude more relaxed and free of testosterone-laden posturing than anything I’ve seen to date – the lithp/leatherman bipolarity that I now take for granted, simply did not exist. These men were calm, controlled, completely without self-consciousness, laughing a great deal – several of them gave the impression of being fast friends.

If you can imagine a weekly mountain-based touch-football club/orgy between college buddies, you’ll have caught the essentials of this film. Rent it, it’s worth it. But whoever chose the title should be shot.

"Every Nerd Has a Fantasy"
Starring: Anna Amore, Lana Sands, Nikki Sinn, Sid Deuce, Jordan Lee, Will Jarvis...

This film is a classic. Not because it’s particularly remarkable in any way, no sirree. It’s a classic much in the same way that Reefer Madness and Attack of the Killer Leeches; it fits a stereotype so well that it is worth watching as the epitome of that stereotype rather than on its own merits.

The “plot” centers around a roomful of compu-geeks swapping fibs about their sexual prowess. As plausible as this may be, a 6’3” weightlifter wearing a silly pair of glasses bears as much resemblance to a true `net-head as I do to Bella Abzug.

Fortunately, the flick moves right to XXX sex. This would have been a terrific sex film if it had possessed even one of the following qualities: non-Valium-popping participants, a lack of boom shadows, something in the choreography other than fellatio, moderate cunnilingus, contortionist’s poses and, of course, the final 10-minute facial cumshot, and finally, a sound/music track that wasn’t ripped off from a completely different film with a completely different spread of actors.

This film is worth watching for the humor value; perhaps a “Mystery Sex Theater 3000” kind of arrangement. If you’re looking for XXX erotica, go watch Ron Jeremy in Ejacula.

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