The web has many sites of interest to the smut minded out there. Don't expect a whole lot for free, though... In order to maintain a web server and the bandwidth required to support all those horny geeks, most of them charge money or have something to sell. However, it is a great place to find stuff to buy or places to go. And there are a few gems where you do not have to spend much (or anything) to get the smut you want. Here are a few links of interest (Note: None, some or all of these links might be broken. Please let me know) ...

The Pin-up Page
This site is difficult to connect to, but worth the effort. Here you will find lots of links covering the gamut of pinup styles. (Including Japanese fetish photography.)

The Pinups!
A magazine devoted to cheesecake photos of the `50s, `60s and `70s. Lots of pictures here. Sure to dredge up some memories for those of us over 30.

Bettie Page
Bettie Page is the best known of the pin-up models. She has become a cult icon to many and has even been featured in an article in Exotic Magazine. This site is a list of all the Bettie Page sites on the net. Check em out. (One of my favorites is for odd reasons...)

Olivia is one of the finest artists of the “good girl” style of art. Her work is incredible. This link is an authorized dealer in her works with lots of pin-up art...and not just Olivia either.

Olivia Lithos
If you have the bucks to spend (or just want to browse) check this out. Lots of expensive erotic art to drool over.

Hajime Sorayama
Hajime is another artist of the erotic. Sometimes tame, sometimes not, always worth checking out. One of my favorites.

More Erotic Art Links
This is one of the more complete lists of pinup art on the net. There are others, but most can be reached from this site.
This is the best site for software for Windows 95. It’s well maintained and has updates daily. If you use Windows 95, this site is a must-have in your bookmarks list. Not only does it cover the best and newest of Internet software, but it has all sorts of other programs and gadgets for Windows 95 (As well as NT, to some extent.).

Cult of the Macintosh
Cult of the Mac is the premier Mac site on the planet. Great design, both in page layout and in graphic design. This one has everything you would ever want for the Mac. Lots of information, software, and links to sites all over the globe. The site uses frames, so you will want Netscape 2.02 or 3.0.

The original index used to be known as the Shase Virtual Shareware Library. It was taken over by Cnet (which has a computer show on the Science Fiction Network) and given a facelift. It has indexes for software for Windows (3.1, 95, and NT), Mac, Unix, Amiga, Atari, OS/2, and more. They currently index over 100 FTP archives. One of the most useful sites on the net.

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Another Windows site. This one covers all varieties of Windows and concentrates on Internet software. It has mirror sites all over the world, so select one that has some speed. (It says to select one that is close. Try one with a time difference, where people are asleep. The Washington site is quite slow.)

Stroud’s Consummate Winsock Apps List
This is one of the older indexes of Internet software on the net. It has lots of mirror sites, but is Windows only. Worth a look once in a while.

The Body Modification E-Zine
Not porn per se, but some interesting pictures involving people with metal in private places. Remember: "Having a Prince Albert means never losing your car keys again." This site has one of the best page designs I have seen in a while.

Calyxa's Piercing Page
Here is another page of people with metal in their anatomy. This one a bit more explicit.

The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide
This is the motherload of porn indexes! This site is undergoing revision, but it contains a HUGE list of sites. Check this one out!

The Photo Exchange BBS
This is a dial-up BBS with a home page. They have a fair number of photographs. Many nudes, many of dancers. No hard core stuff, but some nice pictures none-the-less.

Ana Loria's Directory of Safe Sex Programs
I don't know what to make of this one... It claims to pay men for "safe sex" (i.e. jerking off). I'm not certain if this is just a way to get more sperm donors or what. It doesn't really tell you what's going on. They have a directory of clinics you can go to and claim to have three locations in Portland, but it's going to cost you $14.95 to find out.

The Up Close and Personal Ads
The author of this page wanted me to check it out and recommend it. know how they say that netsex won't make you go blind? This web page will. The opening page is a bright, painful pink. Some of the other pages are as loud, if not more so. The pages are a set of free personal ads built from a standard mailmerge guestbook script. Try it, you might just meet someone. (Just don't count on them having any color perception if you do...)

Lick Sisters Page
The Lick Sisters page has moved to a new site. It's slated to have new pictures, a member's section and lots of new stuff.

Northwest Gentlemen's Club Guide
This is a free site with ton's of semi-hardcore pix's and a bunch of links to other adult related sites. The list of clubs seems to focused on oregon.

Annie Sprinkle's Gates of Heck
Annie Sprinkle is a former porn star who has gone into the New Age Priestess business. The site has lots of non-standard information about sexuality. Also check out the Gates of Heck exhibit page at

Naughty Lynx
Naughty Lynx has moved! (Seems the university did not want to deal with the bandwidth the page was eating up...) Still a great page for smut seekers.
Paranoia is an internet service provider which has a strict policy against censorship. They refuse to censor any non-commercial web page on their server. If you are looking for the strange and unusual, this is the place to go. The members of this service have some of the most interesting topics of any ISP (Internet Service Provider) I have seen yet.

Brandy Alexandre
Here is something unusual. A porn star's home page that is actually done by the star herself. Not any dirty pics, but there are some interesting comments about the film industry itself. (I suggest reading her FAQ, especially the part about why people should not buy loop tapes.)

Mrs. Silk's Magazine for Crossdressers
Do you want to wear women's clothing? Do you feel that you should wear frilly clothes while being dominated by a strong woman? Do you think that a drag strip should be built on the TV highway? If so, then this site is for you; it's a net magazine for crossdressers and those turned on by them.

Steps in Overcoming Masturbation (AKA The Mormon Masturbation Guide)
Want to overcome those feelings of desire? Not getting enough guilt in your life? Want to prevent those stains from gumming up your keyboard? Check this out. A manual on how to prevent masturbation distributed by the Mormon church in the '70s. (And I can tell you from personal experience that it is not a hoax. It is the real thing.) Evil from beyond Kolob!

Jennifer's Naked Man Page
And here is a page for Darklady and all the other women reading this... Not all the smut pages concentrate on women. Here's a lady who collects pages of naked men and posts them on her homepage!

HotMagic Sex Pages
Another adult site with coooolll design. And this is one pay site, well worth the price.

Web That Smut!
Looking for a great party game that uses the Internet? "Web that Smut" is the game for you! Take non-smut sites and see how many links it takes to locate a porn site on the net. Challenge and amaze your friends with your ability to find sex on the net. (It is rumored that a certain group of U.S. Senators lost badly at this game and are now trying to ban it.)

Sweden's Dreamsex Fantasyworld
And folks say we have it good here.... If you like 'em Big, Blond, and Beautiful, check out this adult pay site.

Knave Magazine On-line
More British soft-core on the net. British sex mags have a certain charm. They do include a number of pictures on this site, which is why I am recommending it, but do not expect anything hard-core.

Deja Vu - The Gentleman's Clubs
Deja Vu is a chain of dance clubs which has locations all over the country. None of them are in Oregon, however. The site contains pictures of dancers and the like. Nothing too explicit, but what do you expect for free. (You can pay for their VIP area and get more, if you are interested.)

Ritual Magazine
For you fetish fiends out there, check out Ritual Magazine On-Line. The magazine covers the fetish scene, including photos of many of the clubs in the UK. For a first issue they have done a pretty nice job of web design. Make sure you use Netscape and/or Mosaic 2.0 and at least 65k colors for this one. ( I have been accused of having a latex fetish...and they are right!)

Vixens Dreams
If it has vixens, it has to be good.

The Blowfish Company
The Blowfish Company is a mail order house based in the Bay Area that carries sex toys, books, safe sex products (such as dental dams), videos and the like. They have a sense of humor and carry some interesting and unusual products.

This is an interesting place. It looks, feels and acts like a for-pay site, but I could not find any place that asked for money. The graphics are very nice, the sex seems to be softcore, but it is impressive enough to just go and look. They will be introducing more features, including video conferencing with nude models and other such stuff that I assume will require cash. (Or a good credit card.) They also have a sense of humor. (They will not ship to many states, including medievel Spain.) Worth taking a look just for the graphics, if nothing else...

Adult Chocolates ~plainwrp /choco2/ xmas.html7@key
Ever wondered where to get anatomically correct Easter chocolates? Well, this is the place! They have an anatomically correct character for any season. Just the thing to send to that rich aunt with the heart condition. (Unfortunately, they do not have a well hung Jesus on a crucifix. They have some limits of taste...)

Interested in sexually oriented products on the net and have a credit card? This site delivers smut to most tastes, including bondage. They also have various products for sale. Their selection seems to be pretty extensive. Memberships are $9.50 (deducted from the first order). The membership seems to be a way to strain out the kiddies and gawkers.

Right Track Video
Looking for something a little more local? Right Track Video specializes in amateur videos of local ladies and couples. Yes, you can get videos which may or may not reveal your friends and neighbors in compromising positions! Videos run about $40 each and they have everything from the tame to the kinky. They are also one of the few sites that have actual hard core material on their web page! From what I have seen, it is very much worth checking out.

Naughty-n-Nice Toy Store
This is a woman-owned toy store on the net. They carry sex toys for most interests including a complete line of S&M bondage equipment from Spartacus of Portland, Oregon. They have a fairly large selection of vibrators and other toys. Prices range from the inexpensive to the obscene. (They have a vibrator that runs $1,395 for the female version and $1,095 for the male version.) All in all, they have some items I had not seen elsewhere and the prices were not all that out of line.

Modern Goddess Magazine
Here is the full Modern Goddess Magazine site! I was very happy to see this. The pages are well done and do not contain distracting backgrounds. The site contains segments of articles, pictures and lots of other stuff for you female-worshipping fetishists out there (including links to order the new Modern Goddess video). The pages also have a sense of humor, so check it out!

The Ultimate Strip Club List strip.html
This site is an index of over 1400 strips clubs throughout the US and is searchable by area. It is nowhere near complete, but it is the best I have seen out there. It lists only about 10 clubs in Portland, unfortunately.

The Main Event Nightclub
This is a strip club in Salem. If you are using Netscape you need to know that they use lots of background images that make their pages very hard to read. They have a number of worthwhile bits of information for those seeking links for or about dancers.

Portland Leather Resources index.html
Looking for information about the local kink scene? This is a good place to start. It has a listing of meetings, places to shop and people involved in the scene in the Pacific Northwest. It has some good links to people and places in the fetish scene as well. Not much (if any) real smut, but lots of reference information and links.

Purity Tests
For those of you with a "kinkier than thou" attitude here is a way to prove it. A collection of all the world's purity tests. A purity test is a sometimes humorous test to quantify the level of debauchery to which you have sunk.

Persian Kitty's Adult Links
Here is another site listing free and other sites. This one tends to deal in more obscure links. May vanish overnight. Get it while it's hot!

Yahoo list of Sex Oriented Businesses Business_and_Economy/Companies/Sex/
Sex links tend to come and go pretty fast. This is an index of sex oriented businesses that may or may not still be around. Try them and see what you can find

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