This month I cover pin-ups for all you crotch potatoes out there. Pinups may not be the hardcore smut that you all expect, but for some of us they evoke fond memories...

The Pin-up Page (
This site is difficult to connect to, but worth the effort. Here you will find lots of links covering the gamut of pinup styles. (Including Japanese fetish photography.)

The Pinups! (
A magazine devoted to cheesecake photos of the `50s, `60s and `70s. Lots of pictures here. Sure to dredge up some memories for those of us over 30.

Bettie Page (
Bettie Page is the best known of the pin-up models. She has become a cult icon to many and has even been featured in an article in Exotic Magazine. This site is a list of all the Bettie Page sites on the net. Check em out. (One of my favorites is for odd reasons...)

Olivia (
Olivia is one of the finest artists of the “good girl” style of art. Her work is incredible. This link is an authorized dealer in her works with lots of pin-up art...and not just Olivia either.

Olivia Lithos (
If you have the bucks to spend (or just want to browse) check this out. Lots of expensive erotic art to drool over.

Hajime Sorayama (
Hajime is another artist of the erotic. Sometimes tame, sometimes not, always worth checking out. One of my favorites.

More Erotic Art Links (
This is one of the more complete lists of pinup art on the net. There are others, but most can be reached from this site.

There are some that I have left out... Vargas and Elgren for example, do not have any good pages with examples of their works. (Or at least good pictures.) Hopefully this will change. I will keep looking.

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