"The Three Musketeers, Part 1"
Fat Dog Distributing
Starring: Dierdre Holland, Nina Hartley, Britt Morgan, Jon Dough...

What a weird film. It’s too well costumed, has too much plot, and too much of the occasional gleam of real acting to be a porn film; and yet it’s far, far too atrociously bad to even vaguely approach being a serious interpretation of the story. It might be best viewed as a sort of sexy, serialized soap opera.

I enjoyed this film (and yes, it’s shot on real film). I’m a sucker for good costuming and location provides some richness to the rumpy-pumpy and this one provided both in steaming bucketfuls. There is also some ragged shred of plot, held together by some remarkably good acting in the case of Dierdre Holland, playing the Queen of France. Chi Chi LaRue is delightfully over the edge as her husband. The fragile fabric is sadly strained, however, by the absurd choice of the young, baby-faced Jon Dough to play the unabashedly old, evil and extremely malodorous Cardinal Richeleu.

This film, actually produced in 1992, is part of an extended series. If any one or more in this sequence has any of the quality shown in the first, then I happily recommend the entire set for purchase or rental, especially for couples.

You can find this video at many adult video stores, including Fantasy Adult Video.

"The Magic of Female Ejaculation"
House O’ Chicks

There is no magic in this video and there may not really be any ejaculation; only the producer knows for sure. Essentially, the video is split in two parts: the first consists of a woman in a business suit laboriously reading a fairly dry medical treatise on female ejaculation; the second half consists of her performing the act.

I have watched and read several things about female ejaculation in the past few months. Recently Exotic carried an article on the subject that I had some doubts about.

If such things as female ejaculation do exist, this woman is probably doing it. Each and every source I’ve encountered has its own pet theory on how/why it happens and they rarely agree with each other. The films I’ve seen on this subject have looked suspect to me since the women `ejaculate’ only after the camera cuts away and then returns. Not on this video.

This time there are no magic cutaways, and that means that either this woman can bench press with her vaginal sphincter or she’s genuinely producing fluid-on-the-fly.

If you’re truly interested in female ejaculation, this is the place to look. Steer clear of “research” material entitled Dripping Snatches III. You’ll be glad that you did.

The only place I know you can find this video is by mail order: House O’ Chicks, 2215 A Market Street #813, San Francisco, CA 94114. Sorry, I don’t know the price.

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