This month, in accordance with the 30th anniversary of his death, we're printing the conclusion to the three-part Lenny Bruce extravaganza. This final piece highlights Lenny's problems with obscenity laws and his drug problems leading to his untimely demise. Gary Knapp contributed a short article this month detailing his many experiences with those highly touted potions of love known as Pheromones. And our Editrix Ms. Reed reviews some hot audio tapes useful for commuters to let off a little steam during summer traffic jams.

November is creeping up on us and Oregon's Ballot Measure 31 is currently ahead in tracking polls by about a 2 to 1 margin. What does this mean? It means that if it passes, Oregon adult businesses will no longer have the free expression protection afforded them currently in the State Constitution. It weakens the Constitution to allow zoning of adult businesses immediately, which is exactly what every town, city and municipality in Oregon is waiting for to zone adult establishments-- all of them-- out of business. If you think Portland's new Nuisance Ordinance is frightening, wait'll you see what they have up their sleeves with this. For more information on what you can do to help, either as a business owner, a consumer or just someone who believes in free expression, call the No On 31 Committee, headed by highly-respected State Sen. Shirley Gold, at (503) 229-0132.

A final goodbye to our friend Bruce Schumacher who passed away last month. Here's to you, buddy...

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