NetErotique from "New Machine"
PC & Mac

This is a pretty good game with some porn mixed in. This is a nice change.

The gameplay runs like so: you’ve got a videophone that will connect you (of course!) to all sorts of beautiful women. Amazingly enough, many of them truly are beautiful! This is a Eurodisc and I think that the definition of beauty there has a lot less to do with being 50 pounds underweight at all times. There’s also an extremely attractive range of ethnic types. The basic idea of the game is to “talk” to these women, choosing from possible responses, with the goal of getting either a free show or a screw. It isn’t much easier to talk these women into sex than it was at your high school prom. Plus, it’s a game with morals. You come on too strong and all sorts of interesting things will happen. She may strip but she’ll do her best to make you feel guilty about it, she may get her husband and have him bellow in French at you, she may hang up on you, or the operator may throw you out of the game so fast you’ll be staring at your desktop going “wha’ happa?” You get several warnings, though. Take them seriously.

The video’s great; high-color, smooth on a double-speed CD-ROM, adequate sound quality (love those accents) and most importantly, pretty great sex. These women are either (a) actually experiencing some vaginal moisture, (b) getting paid a lot more than American models, or (c) far better actors than Gerard Depardieu.

My copy of this disc came from DK Wilds’ collection.

Surfin’ Sam from "Spice Interactive"
PC & Mac

This is one of the best discs I’ve seen this year. It has an extremely well-rendered, efficient interface; a healthy dose of humor; one or two potentially likable characters (aside from bodily appendages), and fairly attractive participants. The basic premise centers around helping our hero, Sam, fulfil the fantasies of various women on an island so he can prove himself worthy of a dream-babe who his trusty genie (don’t ask) has shown him. The process of proving himself to all of these women is in a non-sexual fashion – gifts of perfume, lingerie, a gratuitous repair of a hot tub – and is a pleasant change of pace. To continue this trend of unorthodoxy, the women involved respond fairly realistically to these gifts, and just as realistically to Sam’s less brilliant offerings. The comedy division at the BBC isn’t going to be looking for this cast, but Sam is actually a funny (if cataclysmically stupid) character. The genie (really a bit-player and menu fixture) really steals the show – loads of personality, all the good lines, and is an integral part of the game’s operating system.

The creators of this disc put a large credit sequence upon exit – I’d suggest you read it. They’ve earned every bit of recognition they can get.

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean – it’s available at Fantasy Adult Video.

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