July was a month of sorrow for the local community. Bruce Shumacher, owner of The Kasbah exotic dance club and Oregon's largest agency, Le' Dancers, passed away last month from complications due to cancer. He was a friend to many in the area, and an influence to all. While most people loved Bruce, not everyone did, but those that didn't still respected him. We'd like to remember Bruce doing the thing he loved to do the most, having a good time. He knew how to throw a party where everyone showed up. When something needed to get done, he was never afraid to roll up his shirt sleeves and get the work done himself. And if you were his friend and you needed help, he was there. Without his support and help throughout the last three years, this magazine would not exist. He will be missed. Best wishes and support go out to his wonderful woman, Robbie. Bruce, good luck on your new adventure, and make sure the beer's cold when we get there...

But July was also a month of joy for the locals. On the 6th, Misty, manager of Beaverton’s DK Wilds gave birth to Hogan, a perfect 8 pound, 10 ounce baby boy. Misty assures us that her son is ideal and has the virtue of being quiet and pleasant tempered. Would that we could all say as much for ourselves. Congratulations Misty and DK! And good luck on your new adventure.

Lovely, blonde porn queen, Shane (pictured at right) will be visiting Portland’s own Cathie’s (503-771-9979) during the dog day’s of summer. Come meet Shane and get an autographed picture on August 10th between noon and 6 pm. While you’re there, feel free to take advantage of Cathie’s 50% off bathing suit sale.

Club 122 (503-727-2463) in Portland... Main Event (503-399-9233) in Salem.... Silver Dollar Club (541-485-2303)in Eugene

Exotic Magazine is proud to join with Danzine in hosting a benefit for the Women’s Resource Center. Join us on Thursday, August 22nd at CJ’s (503-252-3529) to watch a parade of special acts while raising money for a good cause.

With warm weather continuing to wander in and out of Portland, it’s still summer enough to enjoy a patio dance at Doc’s, the Riverside or Roosters. You can sip a tall, cool one and work on your own tan while you admire minimal tan lines on the lovely patio dance vixens.

Dooley's of St. John (503-283-5912) has a cool line up custom designed to make your tank top feel like a turtleneck. Two fer Tuesdays feature two girls on stage and double decker bean bag and table dances from 4 to 9 pm. Hump day (that’s Wednesday for those of you with dirty minds) gets a little more bareable with a wet t-shirt contest from 4 to 9 pm. And Saturday, August 10th brings us a special lingerie show from 8 - 11 pm with chances to win free table dances.

It didn’t happen quite like expected (what ever does?) but Stars Cabaret is now open (503-646-5998). Head on over to Beaverton and see what the excitement is all about.

Fantasy Tan (503-653-8363) is offering their Bikini Car Wash again this month. Drop by and see your favorite girl on any weekend and get a complimentary car wash from a bevy of beautiful bikini clad babes. What are you waiting for? You know your car needs it!

September is almost here, which means it’s almost time for the 4th Annual Gentlemen’s Club Expo. Las Vegas will welcome visitors to the Sahara Hotel & Casino September 3 - 5 and will include Fan Appreciation Week, an event where fans can tour the local gentlemen’s clubs, see feature entertainers and, on the 5th, actually meet dozens of featured entertainers at a special trade show help specially for fans. Want more information? Call (813) 726-3592 for registration news. Special room rates at the Sahara ($60 per night) can be had by calling (800) 634-6666.

While we’re talking about clubs, we’d like to extend a “welcome back” to Magic Gardens and Bottoms Up. It’s nice to have them back in our pages. While you’re enjoying their hospitality and gorgeous ladies, let `em know you saw them here.

Speaking of which, we received the following letter via e-mail on the internet (where the magazine has quite a large presence worldwide) recently; living testimony that people read Exotic and use it to help in their purchasing decisions. In fact, it's almost embarrassing... but it's real:

From: CGVogt@aol.com
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 08:59:07 -0400
To: xmag@teleport.com
Subject: Thank you from an ASSCer!
X-UIDL: bb696fbdf735c5a9ad005ea6499d7392

>I’m one of the respondants to your free subscription offer on the alt.sex.strip-clubs newsgroup and I just wanted to thank you for sending me your June issue. This is the first issue of Exotic Magazine I’ve seen since March and I am amazed by the improvements you’ve made to what was already an outstanding publication.

>I hate to take up too much of your time, but I thought that you might be interested to hear how much I rely on Exotic Magazine when I travel to Portland. When a friend and I visited Portland in February, we chose clubs based soley upon advertisements we read in your publication. As a result, we found many great clubs that we plan to visit gain, particularly Sassy’s, Club 122, the Dolphin, the Bank and Montego’s. One club we drove by without visiting, because we had read nothing about it in Exotic Magazine, is Dillinger’s. Leafing through your June issue, however, I spotted a very intriguing ad for Dillinger’s (I think it was the shower shows that grabbed me) which, for me, has made this club a must-see on my next visit.” – Charles

>One of our faithful readers in the Emerald City e-mailed this bit of pro-dance club activist correspondence to us and now we’re sharing it with you. This, his latest letter to the editor of the Seattle Times, was motivated by the arrest of several dozen dancers last fall. The dancers were charged with “lewdness.” The first jury in this case has returned a “not guilty” decision. The city attorney is considering dropping charges against the dancers who have not gone to trial. John is considering a couch dance in celebration. Good work and go, for it, John!

>One hopes that in our liberal, progressive city’s crusade to defend our morals, that murderers, serial killers, rapists, gangsters, bank robbers, wife beaters, child abusers, etc., etc., etc., are not being ignored by our fine law enforcement officials in favor of the relentless pursuit of every exotic dancer who dares touch herself. Although some feel that exotic dancers are a threat to western civilization as we know it, I would rest much better at night knowing that the SPD (Seattle Police Department) and city attorney’s office are focusing our limited resources on more “serious” issues.” – John Nelson

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