Rodney Moore’s High Heeled and Horny
LBO Interactive
PC & Mac

This disc isn’t at all what I expected. Yes, for you shoe fetishists, it centers around feet and shoes; but far more peripherally than you’d think. In movies focusing on the classic foot-fetish, I’ve seen lots of boots, lots of latex, lots of “foot worship”; but this disc really seems to center around the “traditional” (for a porn flick) sex acts with some heavy foot-and-leg action worked in. (Except for the cumshots. All take place with a foot in the camera lens, oh yes.) In fact, there are one or two scenes in which feet or shoes really don’t figure at all, except in a comically peripheral manner. For example, towards the end of the disc is a sex scene that just happens to take place in a shoe store. This, of course, allows the use of all sorts of exciting double entendre: “How’s the fit? Is it tight enough? Walk around a little. Well, you’ll grow into it.” (And so on.) While these particular scenes aren’t going to have our digit-worshippers diving for their spilled popcorn, the sex scenes are pretty good (especially for a CD-ROM movie), and most of the women involved really do have nice feet. Even if it isn’t your fetish, you may very well enjoy this disc a great deal. As a final technical note, this is a fairly straightforward Video for Windows-type movie; the movie segments are split into convenient chunks so you can browse them off of the CD-ROM without having to bother at all with their (simplistic through necessity) interface. Enjoy!

My copy came from Fantasy Adult Video.

Private Investigator
Private Media

Here’s an excellent example of some of the good technology that seems to be filtering down (finally!) to the adult industry. It even includes a password protect and additional levels on the internet for download.This is simply an extremely fun computer game. The game’s so good that the porn seems almost irrelevant when it comes across.

Private Investigator is a game with a split personality; it opens like a movie, begins play like The Seventh Guest (wandering around a raytraced animated world via a full-screen display with various iconically represented options), and finishes up like Duke Nukem (before they went 3D) with an arcade-like shoot-em-up that isn’t half bad for killing a half-hour or so. Most of the gameplay actually ends up here, where you dodge tall basketball players, avoid killing old ladies in wheelchairs, score points for spending quality time with any women you can find, and kill the Jackie Chan-esque bad guys in black pants. Simple, linear, and easy to rack up the points. Thank goodness it’s easy to rack up the points, because your reward at the end of each successful level is a little of that quality time with your buxom employer.

Countless `thank yous” to Sweet Sensations for the loan.

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