Out with the old and in with the new. We’re waving goodbye to summer this month and giving a nod to the coming autumn. What that means for us, of course, is that we’ll be moving our naked admiration indoors pretty soon. In fact, if you’ve been putting off being part of Doc’s shower patio party experience, you’ve only got this month to get in on the action.

The seasonal loss of the shower show isn’t all that we’ll be bidding a fond goodbye to; the Calico Cat, which has been located on Sandy Boulevard probably longer than Sandy Boulevard has existed, is no longer with us. So long, Cat, we’ll enjoy you in your other lives now.

There are some things that no one is going to miss, though. Union Jack’s is coming to the end of its remodeling with the installation of brand new carpeting. This club has become a treasure tucked neatly behind its row of columns along busy close-east Burnside. Check it out and give that new carpet a workout.

Customers and staff of Pop-A-Top are probably not going to miss the road construction that is finally gone. Head on over there and check out the work that’s been done with your tax dollars and, while you’re there, put down a dollar for the hard-working dancers who’ve been braving the obstacle course up until now. Don’t forget to drop by the Oh Zone while you’re there. Conveniently located next to Pop-A-Top, this new shop carries a selection of dancer wear, lingerie and shoes.

More changes at The Bank. The new management has plans for some massive alterations...check out their ad for more details.

Portland’s gaining a new club soon...very soon. It’s name is Shakedown. We’d tell you more but that would be a violation of our secret oath to the United Federation of People Who Don’t Really Have Much More Information That You Do. Stay tuned, though, `cuz as soon as we know, you’ll know. For those of you who can’t stand a mystery, just wait for their October ad.

The month of September is special for Sugar’s Lingerie, their Encounter Parlor is having a special this month: $39 per erotic encounter, all month.

There’s feature dancer fever this month starting at the The Silver Dollar Club in Eugene. Vanna Lace, former Miss Nude World will be just one treat that the Club is serving to their customers this month. Drop by and celebrate their premier Eugene club status, with something special every night.

In Portland, both Vanna and Busty Brittany will be appearing at Club 122 as well. Drop by for Vanna and then come back to see Ms. Brittany and her amazing 70EEE breasts (and her mind, too, of course).

If you somehow manage to miss them at Club 122, fear not, it’s not that far to Salem, where they’ll be performing at the Main Event.

Stars Cabaret has its share of feature dancer action, too, with the gorgeous Penthouse Pet Lisa Gayle appearing on September 30th. You’ll notice, when you go to the club, that there’s another heavenly body occupying dance floor space...a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yum! And every time you go to Stars you get a chance to win that baby for your very own. Imagine that honey purring between your legs, eh?

Before we part for another month, a big high five to everyone who was part of the wholesome goodness of the Sex Kitten Cabaret at CJ’s on August 22. We had a helluva good time raising money for the Women’s Resource Center. If you missed it...man, you missed out!

Wait! One final note before we send this puppy off to the printer: Our magazine is currently under vicious attack on the streets of Portland. Our newsracks, which usually disappear (i.e. are stolen) at the rate of one every month or two, are being stolen almost daily. We lost at least three last week. Luckily we recently purchased 27 new ones to replace the stolen ones, but it is a really frustrating problem. And at a cost of about $200 each, an expensive one. We are always sensitive to the locations we place the racks and always try to work with the businesses near where we place the newsracks, but apparently someone, be it the city, certain businesses, organizations or individuals have a hard-on to screw with our legal right to do business. If anyone has any information about who might be stealing these newsracks, please call (503) 241-4317 and let us know. There is almost nothing I’d like more than to find out who is doing this to us and why. There is a large cash reward for good information.

This also just in: All members of the Oregon Business Alliance (and people interested in joining) are urged to show up at a very important meeting on Sept. 3rd at 7:30pm at 519 SW Park, Suite 404 in Portland. Meeting topics include: OBA savings totals, new OBA board members, and the amount of the OBA war chest to donate to the No On 31 Campaign. Page OBA Manager Theresa at (503) 818-8479 for more info.

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