This month I concentrate on where to get the smut you need. (Well, for the most part...) Indexes of links abound. Since the CDA went down in a blaze of glory, smut sites are again becoming more and more evident. Get them while they’re hot...

Naughty News Bytes
If you enjoy News of the Weird and other reports of the strange and unusual, take a look at the weekly column on Naughty Linx. Some political commentary mixed with news you can’t use and plenty of fodder for forwarding to your friends via e-mail. (As if I would *ever* forward stuff via e-mail. ]:> )

Pix Help
Ever wonder how to get those smut pictures off of the binary groups? This is a page that describes the process in great detail. The software recommended is for PC users, but equivalents exist for the Mac and Unix. All in all, some good explanations as to how the pictures are encoded without too many techie buzzwords.

Sandy On-Line
Another exotic dancer on the net! Sandy has created an on-line web-zine for dancers. A number of photos uncovering dancers on the east coast.

Adult Sex Site Awards
Another source for “best of” smut sites. Unfortunately, this place is top heavy on ads, but is useful for finding interesting and unknown places to visit before they are shut down by the forces of prudery.

This is a collection of amateur smut pics which claims to change daily. Has a large list of international links. You will find all sorts of interesting stuff. (Just be careful not to trip over all the ads.)

Adult Site of the Day
Looking for something above the run of the mill? This place rates sites for your viewing pleasure. You will need Netscape 3.0 or Internet Exploder 3.0 as this site makes heavy use of frames.

Persian Kitty’s Adult Links
This is a very nice site. It’s design is clean and has nice art. Nowhere near as garish as many of the other sites in this column. A huge collection of links. You can spend days checking out all the links here!

If you have suggestions and/or complaints about what I have reviewed here, send them to and I will give them the attention they deserve.

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