Amateur Extravaganza #16
Odyssey Group Video

This movie was...well, a bunch of amateurs. Really, that says it all. On one hand, this assures us that we’re seeing ordinary people doing the one thing that almost all people do in one form or another – make wet squelching noises. On the other hand, the fact that these people have probably not done this much on camera virtually guarantees strange camera angles, atrocious audio, bad lighting, and the tendency to slip out at the worst possible moment.

Everyone is certainly enthusiastic enough – except for one gentleman. I’ve never seen a person exhibit signs of narcolepsy during fellatio before, but I’m almost sure that this was an excellent example of it.

There are four hours of amateur footage here, with a lot of returning characters. However, the participants in this video bear absolutely no resemblance to the people on the box. If you see some cutie on the cover and rent the video hoping to see him/her, I can almost guarantee that you won’t find them.

This flick has more length and more polished edges than many amateur films; and in some ways, this is detrimental to the experience. Nevertheless, there is some respectably steamy video in bulk, making this the tuna hot-dish of porn flicks. I got my serving at Fantasy Adult Video. Give it a rent when the Michael Ninn flicks are all out.

Gilligan’s Bi-Land
Pleasure Productions
Starring: Jason Broderick, Jared Clark, Karen Dior, Jamoo, Krystall...

This movie is just exactly as stupid as the title implies. But it provides exactly what the cover indicates and does it with style, so it’s actually not a bad little camp film.

On the whole, the sets and location are far better than Gilligan’s Island could have dreamed; and amazingly enough, there are surprises to be had in the script. There are some lovely outdoor scenes that provide a superb background for the action, but every now and then I swear I could see a fake plastic fernlike plant appearing in the background of some shots.

I’d love to discuss the plot, but I’d give away the best plot twists – but I’ll give you a cryptic hint: Ginger is a remarkable woman, isn’t she?

There are large numbers of fairly fluidly filmed male-male-female-female nude horizontal barn dancing numbers; the only criticism I had about the sex scenes was that many of the men seemed a little listless with the women. Perhaps a better spectra of sexual attitudes could be an improvement for a future film. The male-male scenes are a real pleasure to watch, with pleasant ambient music; but the ending scene involving Gilligan, the Skipper, and a dildo as long as my arm is touching but painful (in a very real way) to watch. Worth it for the curiosity value, at the very least.

This film’s a fairly cheap bit of sweet fluff available for mind-rot at Movie Madness on SE Belmont Street. Yum!

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