With Measure 31 coming up for a vote this November in Oregon– and various other measures in other states meant to curb your freedom of expression– we have the pleasure of introducing California Lobbyist and Sacramento Gentlemen’s Club owner, Micheal Ross into our writer’s fold this month with his commentary called “Legal Matters” on page 38. Read it and learn from his experiences in California. If any club or store owners would like more info or posters designed to educate customers on Measure 31– and why to vote no– just call the No On 31 Committee at (503) 229-0132 and they will get you what you need (by the way, they need money, so all donations are welcome).

Before getting into “what’s what” in the magazine this month, I’d like to thank everyone for their help and support last month when, right before deadline, I managed to shatter the bone in my right arm and spend three wonderful days in the hospital. The staff here rallied together, took up the slack and produced a great issue, with even less mistakes than normal. My arm is nearly healed now (!!?), but never having been in a helpless situation like that, I finally experienced firsthand how when bad stuff happens you really appreciate your friends and family (not to mention the use of your right arm). Okay, okay, before this starts to sound too much like an MCI commercial...

Gary Aker begins a fascinating three-part series on legal gambling in Oregon, Washington and Nevada with his article on page 5 entitled, “Gambling’s Not Just For Gangsters Anymore.” “This Is Only A Test” is Rex Breathe’s humorous, kneejerk reaction to the new home AIDS tests now available and being advertised heavily on the tube. And our lovely editrix, Darklady, penned our Halloweenie article, “Here There Be Monsters,” for all those spooked readers out there. Happy freakin’ Halloween.

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