Virtual Sex Shoot
Virtual Playground
PC & Mac

This disc is remarkable in a number of ways: true/hi-color video (16 million/64 thousand colors), excellent raytraced animations between segments, an overall sense of quality that rivals and surpasses even Broderbund Software's Myst, and 360 degree views of one of the more remarkable raytraced world I've seen.

The game itself is familiar. You are deposited on an ethereal world where you get to watch porn by finding it. Simple as that. Well, not quite. The static raytraced images that come up as one moves from point to point aren't as static as they look. Clicking and dragging in the main video window allows the user to smoothly pivot his/her viewpoint left, right, up, down, and so on.

The video is far more interactive and well-controlled than I've seen on other discs. You can select the woman of your choice, position, camera angles, frame-by-frame control, or click the 'Auto' button and a random number generator will do most of the work. Further puzzles involve girls with toys, girls with boys, girls with girls, girls with Florentine sheep...well, maybe I was exaggerating about the toys.

I enjoyed this disc immensely and I think it shows some extremely interesting new technology that I'd like to see more of. Well worth renting or purchasing. My test copy came from DK Wilds.

Asia X
A6 Interactive
PC & Mac

Here's a collection of high-color, high-resolution still images with a slick menuing system that doesn’t get in the way, adequate help, naughty panty shots, nudes, sailor suits, schoolgirl outfits, boots, heels, and an auto mode that will happily display the multitude of images for hours on end. There's also an absolutely smashing soundtrack.

There's a lot to appeal to the traditional secret-naughty-fetishist. By Eurocentric standards these woman all look (fashionably) waifishly thin and young. (Not so thin and young as Kate Moss, but very few people other than prepubescent Ethiopians are.) Add to this some extremely exotic costuming (doctor-lawyer-Indian-Chief and so on), a wide number of sets, some great mood lighting, and the occasional color combination that makes some more Western sensibilities squint (orange and purple?), and you’ve got an idea of what you’re going to get on this disc.

One minor technical point. The slideshows run just as well off of a dinosaur single- or double-speed drive as off an 8-speed IDE drive. In the ever-growing number of entirely movie-based discs on the market, it’s good to see CD-ROM producers paying attention to the less fortunately and technically equipped. Darklady gives it a wholehearted endorsement, as well. Who could want anything more?

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