The web has many sites of interest to the smut minded out there. Don't expect a whole lot for free, though... In order to maintain a web server and the bandwidth required to support all those horny geeks, most of them charge money or have something to sell. However, it is a great place to find stuff to buy or places to go. And there are a few gems where you do not have to spend much (or anything) to get the smut you want. Here are a few links of interest (Note: None, some or all of these links might be broken. Please let me know) ...

Asian Ulala!
Take a cybertrip to the Erotic Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) and meet the most beautiful Asian girls in a personal, sexual, and completely XXX UNCENSORED ways.

Excitante Tropical
Participate in the selection of the Miss Excitante of the month. Links to hundreds of Sex/Adult Sites.

Oba Brazil
Visit the Mystic Brazil. Beautiful Brazilian goddess exposed.

Mr. Yoshimura's SexGallery
Lovely XXX-rated Photographs of beautiful girls with special touch of art.

Armed and Dangerous
Professional Photographs of Gorgeous Ladies with License to KILL

Big Balloons from Far East
Professional Photographs of Oriental girls with Beautiful faces, Perfect Bodies, and above all Large BALLOONS

YES Pheromone Sex Attractant for Men to Attract Women
Attract Women Instantly with Nature's Secret Weapon.. Pheromones Scientifically Proven

Amateur Hardcore!
The biggest, boldest, fastest adult site on the net. 225,000+ keyword-searchable, raunchy Jpegs, Gifs, and Quicktime/AVI/Mpeg movies. Instant Access! Unlimited Downloads!

Video Fantasy
Interact LIVE with a beautiful model on your computer. This is LIVE video transmitted directly to you. This is NOT a movie or CD-ROM. Ask her to perform for you and she will. Our software is absolutely FREE. No minimum charges.

Naughty News Bytes
If you enjoy News of the Weird and other reports of the strange and unusual, take a look at the weekly column on Naughty Linx. Some political commentary mixed with news you can’t use and plenty of fodder for forwarding to your friends via e-mail. (As if I would *ever* forward stuff via e-mail. ]:> )

Pix Help
Ever wonder how to get those smut pictures off of the binary groups? This is a page that describes the process in great detail. The software recommended is for PC users, but equivalents exist for the Mac and Unix. All in all, some good explanations as to how the pictures are encoded without too many techie buzzwords.

Sandy On-Line
Another exotic dancer on the net! Sandy has created an on-line web-zine for dancers. A number of photos uncovering dancers on the east coast.

Adult Sex Site Awards
Another source for “best of” smut sites. Unfortunately, this place is top heavy on ads, but is useful for finding interesting and unknown places to visit before they are shut down by the forces of prudery.

This is a collection of amateur smut pics which claims to change daily. Has a large list of international links. You will find all sorts of interesting stuff. (Just be careful not to trip over all the ads.)

Adult Site of the Day
Looking for something above the run of the mill? This place rates sites for your viewing pleasure. You will need Netscape 3.0 or Internet Exploder 3.0 as this site makes heavy use of frames.

Persian Kitty’s Adult Links
This is a very nice site. It’s design is clean and has nice art. Nowhere near as garish as many of the other sites in this column. A huge collection of links. You can spend days checking out all the links here!

Elf Sternberg
Elf is the keeper of the FAQ, writer of porn, regular, and well-known net personality. His site contains FAQs, links to other sites and a lot of erotic fiction. (Including porn based on the movie Aladdin.) Well worth while...

Sex, the Internet, and Idiots
The smut on the net is getting a lot of bad press by clueless reporters trying to find yet another topic for the general public to be afraid of and legislators who want something to make laws about without having to deal with real problems. This is a great rant on the topic. Worthwhile reading...

Build a Cryptobook
Looking for a way to store all that smut without worrying about busybodies snooping on your hard drive so they can throw you in jail? This site shows how to build a secure laptop that can be transported and still remain secure. Recommended for anyone who uses Windows and wants to keep their computers private. (I know this is not smut. Think of it as a form of protection from getting screwed...)

Ars Erotica Magna
I found this right after I sent out last month’s column. Dirty pictures through history! The moralists have tried to portray porn as something new in society. In actuality, it is something that has been with us since man learned to draw. (And figured that he could wank off to pictures of what he drew...) And you can always claim that it is an “educational site”...

Brown Sugar Shack
Does your taste in women run to the dark and exotic? This is a smut site that concentrates on erotica involving black women. It is a pay site, but it has a number of samples (uncensored!) available without membership. If you like your women the color of strong coffee, this is the site for you...

Sexy Russian Lingerie
Looking for something from the former Soviet Union to spice up those romantic encounters? Check this place out. They have just the thing for those hot Moscow nights...

Girls of the Internet
If centerfold style pictures are your thing, check out Girls of the Internet. I doubt if any of them could configure TCP/IP through an ethernet card on a Linux box, but who cares! More nude women to feast your eyes on.

The Pin-up Page
This site is difficult to connect to, but worth the effort. Here you will find lots of links covering the gamut of pinup styles. (Including Japanese fetish photography.)

The Pinups!
A magazine devoted to cheesecake photos of the `50s, `60s and `70s. Lots of pictures here. Sure to dredge up some memories for those of us over 30.

Bettie Page
Bettie Page is the best known of the pin-up models. She has become a cult icon to many and has even been featured in an article in Exotic Magazine. This site is a list of all the Bettie Page sites on the net. Check em out. (One of my favorites is for odd reasons...)

Olivia is one of the finest artists of the “good girl” style of art. Her work is incredible. This link is an authorized dealer in her works with lots of pin-up art...and not just Olivia either.

Olivia Lithos
If you have the bucks to spend (or just want to browse) check this out. Lots of expensive erotic art to drool over.

Hajime Sorayama
Hajime is another artist of the erotic. Sometimes tame, sometimes not, always worth checking out. One of my favorites.

More Erotic Art Links
This is one of the more complete lists of pinup art on the net. There are others, but most can be reached from this site.
This is the best site for software for Windows 95. It’s well maintained and has updates daily. If you use Windows 95, this site is a must-have in your bookmarks list. Not only does it cover the best and newest of Internet software, but it has all sorts of other programs and gadgets for Windows 95 (As well as NT, to so>

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