Went into the magazine store the other day and really lucked out.

I hit the magazine shops almost every day, and with one purpose in mind -- to find more photographs of women in boots.

I make decent money at my job, so I can splurge on magazines, which can get pretty expensive. But no, I don’t only buy Playboy or Penthouse or Leg Show and other skin mags. True, these are reasonably good sources for boot shots, but ultimately they are too general for my tastes. Sure, Playboy will run a shot of Pamela Anderson in thigh-high patent leather boots, one out of a vast portfolio, and Exotic is pretty good about showing models in boots. These mags pique my interest but do not sate my desire. So-called “lifestyle” magazines, such as Loaded or Bikini, are also occasionally good for boot images. Then there is Boot Lovers’ Digest which comes out of Palm Springs. You’d think that would be the perfect magazine for me, and it is, but BLD (as its fans call it) comes out but once every couple of years. No, I need a consistent source of boot shots.

That’s where fashion magazines come in. Yes, fashion magazines. Girl stuff. They have proven time and time again to be the best source for guys like me. Glamour, Vogue, Elle, and all the rest cater to my fetishes (you mean I have more than one? Yes, but more about them in later columns). Fashion magazines do so in ways that the editors and photographers may not realize. The best, are the foreign fashion magazines, especially the various international editions of Elle, and the Italian Harper's, which has a thing for leather.

But you can also find great boot shots in the most unlikely places So the other day I was scanning the racks and saw a new title. Called Yolk, and catering to Japanese-Americans, at first it didn’t seem promising. Then I noticed that the cover flagged a photo feature on boots. And, lo and behold, spread over five pages was a stunning Japanese model encased in boots, the best shot showing her sitting on the floor of a studio, clad in alligator boots and nothing else, her “sex” coyly masked by the boot heel.

Next to it was another magazine new to me, Called Downtown, it’s a Spanish version of Interview. On the cover was Elle MacPherson, the six-foot super model, clad in undies and shiny, patent Gucci boots, with a G crest at the top that dug tightly into her calf just below the knee. There was another shot of her inside accompanying the interview, and other shots of her begarbed in my other fetishes.

So what do I do with these pictures once I have accumulated them? I will go into more detail about that later. Maybe next time.

(Jimmy Doyle is a former New York cop now living in Portland.)

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