This month I’m concentrating on various perversions on the web. I owe it to the vanilla crotch potatoes out there to show them the wide variety of what they’re missing by staying with bland and boring smut...

Messy Fun
Do women in mud turn you on? How about women covered in peanut butter and jelly? If so, then this is the site for you. Women covered in various gooey substances galore, none of them bodily fluids

Skin Two
If your “thing” runs towards latex and leather, the fetish magazine Skin Two now has a web site. Skin Two is the most popular fetish/ S&M/B&D oriented magazines in the world. The site requires a membership fee, but then you get access to what is claimed to be the largest fetish site on the web. Everything is professional quality.

Diaper Pail Friends
There are some fetishes I just do not get. There are people who like dressing up as babies and enjoying themselves in all sorts of perverse ways. If you are wondering what I mean, check out this site. You will never watch a Depends commercial the same way again... (Note: These people are not pedophiles. They are into the fantasy of baby\-hood, not the reality of it.)

http://www.gauntlet com/
Enjoy seeing metal rings and bars extending through various parts of your lover or your own anatomy? Gauntlet is one of the largest suppliers of piercing equipment in the world. This site is filled with information for anyone who has an interest in piercing, either out of personal desire or just plain old curiosity.

Sister Zsa Zsa’s Glamour HOMOpage
This is a site for men who like to dress up as nuns. This site is one the OCA would have convulsions over. Worth a look just for the bizarreness factor.
There are people out there who want to have sex with wind-up dolls. This is their story. Best viewed with Netscape or Internet Explorer just to see the animated gif on the opening page.

Resources for Kinky Women
Not all our readers are men. For the women out there, these are all the things that you aren’t supposed to like, but do anyway.

World Wide Female Foot Lovers Fan Club
For those of you who get excited by what a woman has below her waist (way below her waist), here is a site that will get those juices flowing. A site dedicated to women’s feet and the fetishes associated with them.

That's all the perversion I have room for this month.If there are sites you would like to see covered, or you just want to bitch, e-mail me.

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