Generation Sex
Video Team
Starring: Sid Duecs, Sofi Ferrari, Sharon Kane, Missy...

I had a surprisingly good time watching this film. I say “surprisingly” because I have to admit the pun in the title, like so many other titular puns in porndom, made me wince visibly.

The action takes place in a sort of surrealistic art gallery-slash-theatre. Since the entire film moves in this framework, events can just unfold without the confining joists of a plot to slow things down. For example, an opening scene we are shown an empty stage lit by a spotlight . There are shadowy figures that could be watchers and could be furniture on the periphery. A huge black man appears, pushing a large black cube on wheels. Sticking out of the cube in a sort of Dali-esque statuary are two woman's hands of white marble. The cube is obviously heavy; the man bends down and puts his shoulder against it to push it along. As he does, the hands move, brushing his shoulders and pulling him closer. There’s a flash of Spielbergian CO2-based special effects, and, lo and behold, there's a beautiful white babe presenting us with our first instance of wonderful interracial sex.

The entire film progresses with the audience revealing more and more of their eccentric selves and the climax features a dozen-person orgy. My final comment, which is inexplicable even to myself, is that this film reminds me weirdly of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Remember the Transylvanians?

BabeWatch 3
Sin City
Starring: Amber Lynn, J.R. Carrington, Marilyn Starr, April...

This (obviously) pornographic spoof of the ever-humiliated Baywatch, is unfortunately rather mediocre.

It's not that the producers lacked in production values. I think the biggest problem with the spoof is what they were trying to spoof. Baywatch is such a mind-numbingly shallow television program that it's more than absurd enough in its own right. With this in mind, it's amazing that this film has a number, since there just simply can' t be that much plot potentials left unexplored from BabeWatch 1 & 2.

I think the film's lukewarm reception in my household was also partly because the director tried to do his best to provide a plot in this fantasy wasteland and, really, the film would have benefited from a far less stilted storyline and far more sex. What sex scenes there are tend to feel (and timed out as such) much shorter than average. The players were enthusiastic enough; the scenes simply aren't long enough for the heat to build up properly. The exception to this is the single girl-girl scene; it's a long scene and is both choreographed well and has a degree of affection that is touching to see.

An aside: Marilyn Starr's shortness is masked throughout most of the film. She's cleverly placed on a higher level, standing over seated men, sitting down, etc etc etc; it's only noticeable when she's lying on top of someone. (I was quite impressed with the amount of fiddling with the video angles it must have taken to pull this off.) Secondly, in a way the spoof was insidiously effective. When the camera wasn't filming acres of moist pink flesh, the film is just bad enough that it could have been an episode of the real thing. In fact, at one point a roommate walked into the room and asked me why on earth I was watching "that Baywatch crap!" Thanks to Sweet Sensations for the loan.

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