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cover 4.04October, 1996

Gambling's not just for gangsters anymore (by Gary Aker)

This is only a test (by Rex Breathes)

Here There Be monsters (by Darklady)

cover 4.03September, 1996

I Wanna B-bad (by Rex Breathes)

Heaven, Hypocrisy & Homosexuality (by Theresa Reed)

Lies are Cheaper Than Lap Dances (by Rex Breathes)

cover 4.02August, 1996

Lenny Bruce: The Final Chapter (by Theresa Reed)

Pheromones: Love Potion #9 (by Gary Knapp)

Talk Dirty To Me (a review Theresa Reed)

cover 4.01July, 1996

Champagne Con Game (by Rex Breathes)

Lenny Bruce: Prophet of Flesh (by Theresa Reed)

Stripcheeze (a review by Gary Aker)

cover 3.12June, 1996

Lenny Bruce: Not the goy next door (by Theresa Reed)

Comix most sinful hero (by Phillip Ray Simon)

Betty Page: The queen of curves (by Randy Lee Prinslow)

cover 3.11May, 1996

Cheesecake Deluxe with thighs (breathlessly presented by theresa reed)

Real Women Squirt (by Richard Blackhawk, sexual visionary)

She Stands Majestic (A modern fantasy, submitted by Rex Breathes)

cover 3.10April, 1996

These Boots Are Made For Gawking (confessions of a boot fetishist)

How To Piss Off Topless Dancers (a book execution by Theresa Reed)

Holy War on the Church of Unholy Love (as envisioned by the twisted genius of Rex Breathes)

cover 3.09March, 1996

Answer Me! Demands a Verdict (a little 'zine goes on trial)

Idiot's Guide To Sex & Single Mothers (a satirical guide for '90's men)

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