Looks like all the shower shows are going on outside now, but for some reason everyone is fully dressed and carrying umbrellas. Where's everybody's sense of adventure? Motivating you to get in your car and head over to Montego's for its big November 2nd Island Princess party, probably. If you picked this up on the 2nd, you'd better grab your ukulele and head for their tropical wonderland. By the way, did you know that ukulele is Hawaiian for "flea?"

Parties later in the month will be the much anticipated Harvest Hooter Party at the Night Owl November 16th (whooo would want to miss it?) and Club 122's Third Anniversary Extravaganza (so big it needs three days) from November 21st - 23rd. First night of the extravaganza will include a festive bit of hot oil wrestling.

You've still got a chance to see the final six days of Danzine's own feisty vixen, Teresa's Art For the Peephole at Umbra Penumbra, located downtown at 314 SW 9th. She and the paddleman himself, Ernest P. Truely's Naked Lady Collage will finish their performance run on November 6th. Show starts at 7pm.

Being an election month (vote no on 31) and all, it can be hard to remember what we have to be thankful for. After we've all gone and voted no on 31 we can celebrate the strength of Oregon's First Amendment at the Sandy Jug. Their Miss Sandy Jug contest, starting at 8pm on November 13th, will provide us with some beautiful reasons to value freedom of speech and expression. Yum.

And speaking of contest winners, Miss Nude Oregon, Michael, is demonstrating her winning style at Dancin' Bare this month.

Don't miss your own chance to dance exotically, erotically and downright kinkily at Fetish Night on November 17th. Moody's three floors always provide plenty of eye candy and a chance for you to slip into something...dangerously exciting.

Things can get mixed up during autumn, what with all the rain and wind we get in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and Rooster's has some mixed up barmaids who need your help. Seems like somehow some photos got separated and...well, if you can match the lovely faces appearing in this month's ad with the gorgeous butts appearing in next month's ad, Rooster's will show its appreciation with a special prize. It's so special and so secret that we don't even know what it is!

Dolphins are extremely intelligent aquatic mammals, with excellent memories and the ability to locate objects using sonar. The Dolphin Restaurant and Lounge is a a place where pretty land mammals dance...and now it offers limo service. The Dolphin Limousine Service will arrive at any location within the Portland-Metro area and whisk you away to any other location within the Portland-Metro area. Maybe you'll get to meet Flipper.

For you lingerie model fans, we'll have a reminder of summer all year round now. Honey Suckles Lingerie will open its doors on November 15th and is extending a sweet $39 per session deal to its new clients.

Don't be left telling stories about the one that got away when you have multiple opportunities to take in all of Wendy Woppers' 80 HHH bustline. You'll probably want to see her at the Main Event (Nov. 5 - 6) and Club 122 (Nov. 7 - 9) in order to appreciate her in all three glorious dimensions.

Former Penthouse Pet, Simone Brigette, will purr her way through Eugene's Silver Dollar Club (Nov. 19 - 21), Salem's Main Event (Nov. 22), and Portland's Club 122 (Nov. 23).

And to round out the month we have a gorgeous statuesque woman and a lovely diminutive one. You'll have no choice but to look up to America's tallest showgirl, Roxy Leroux when she performs at Club 122 (Nov. 22) and Salem's Main Event (Nov. 23).

Star watching will be at its peak in December. Stars Cabaret will feature petite covergirl and adult video star, Marylin Star Monday, December 9th through Saturday the 14th. Get your telescope out of the basement and tell your friends you're off to study heavenly bodies.

Meanwhile, up north we want to congratulate Mr. Paddywhack's (Everett, WA) for winning a $76,000 settlement against the city of Everett (the city tried to zone them out, lost, and now must pay all their legal fees). We also received another missive from our friends up in SeaTac, the Community for Creative Chaos. Check this one out:

"The Community for Creative Chaos strikes again, liberating police “surveillance” video of the hot dancers at Deja Vu. Yes, you too can purchase this “government sponsored pornography” directly from the City Attorney of Federal Way.

Astonish friends and neighbors with your mastery of Washington State’s Public Disclosure Law!

This tape shows more than an hour of the “floor show” at Deja Vu as well as lap dances up close and personal, all shot in secret by police using a hidden camera. Faces are NOT electronically distorted on this particular tape. You see dancers AND customers. You might even see yourself!

Just mail $18.88 ($16.38 for the tape, $2.50 for postage and handling) to “James McNamara, Deputy City Attorney, City of Federal Way, 33530 1st Way South, Federal Way, WA 98003-6210.” Write a short note stating, “Under Washington State Public Disclosure Law, I would like to obtain an unredacted copy of the tape called COMMERCIAL VICE 95-13845 3/05-02-95 SURVEILLANCE AT DEJA VU 31656 Pacific Hwy. So. UNEDITED DUPLICATE COPY OF EVID. #MAC-1.”

In a short time (by government standards) you will receive your very own tape. Your tax dollars at work!"

Well, we've done the deed, and have been corresponding rgularly with the City of Federal Way. They are very curious why we want the copy of the evidence, and are being quite wary about sending us a copy. We'll keep everyone updated.

As usual, make sure you're sane and sober (or at least sober) when you're driving during this holiday season. You can't tip your favorite dancer if you miss that curve on a rainy night. Be safe and we'll see you next month!

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