LIVIN’ IN A SEX TOWN?’s not a big tourist draw...yet. The provincial city, about 140 miles south of the nation’s capital, is converting its red-light district into a “sex town”, complete with adult theaters and sex shops. Many feminist groups strongly oppose the new pro-tourist dollars scheme. Public meetings will be be held until the end of the year before the plan is implemented. Public displays of sex is taboo in South Korea, and sales of pornographic materials, including home videos and adult magazines, is prohibited. Taegu’s sex zone, however, would be exempt from anti-pornography laws.

It gave him confidence! It changed his life! Frank Whitehead, a California businessman, is more than satisfied with his recent phalloplasty, also known as penis enlargement surgery. The surgery, which a single surgeon can perform 20 times a week, consists of severing the ligament connecting the penis and the pubic bone and injecting fat from the abdomen into the shaft. The $24 million industry has been a boon not only to financially strapped urologists and plastic surgeons but also CEO’s such as Whitehead who proclaims that now, when attending business meetings he thinks, “If you only had have of what I have.” Bet they didn’t teach him that in college.

Timothy Carl Cato, 36, of Milwaukie, Oregon, got to do something that most of our ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago; come down out of a tree. Cato had been hiding from Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies after finding out that his ex-wife was supporting herself by dancing nude. He had reacted the only way a morally upright primate could; by beating her until she was nearly unconscious. Accusations of second-degree assault and menacing earned Cato some time on ice, but knowing the legal system, he'll be out soon, unless he does something truly uncivilized, like dare to exercise his free speech rights.

Security cameras help solve crime, right? Well, even if they don't, they apparently keep minimum wage security guards entertained. 400,000 security cams pry night and day into England's private life and now, Caught In the Act, a steamy 45-minute video tape can be purchased, revealing parking garage, elevator and supply closet trysts, armed robberies, car accidents and shopliftings. Lawmakers are furious but the tape's producer insists it's all to make a point; something about Big Brother...that and making money. Caught sold 60,000 copies in its first few weeks and follows the successful Police Stop! and symbolically intense, Executions.

We all know that the talented, but downright weird, Michael Jackson has many medical professionals to thank for his increasingly inhuman features. This Christmas he's showing his appreciation, and opinion of his friend's personal appearance, with 10 gift certificates, each worth $37,500 of plastic surgery. Seems the one-time Jehovah Witness believes that inner peace begins with a scalpel. A truly inspiring example of Christmas spirit.

Lois and Clark star, Teri Hatcher, likes her breasts just the way they are (and who are we to argue?). A top Hollywood boob job professional offered her his services for free...and she said no. The surgeon determined that Teri needed a new set of breasts after he was disappointed in their performance during her recent film, Heaven's Prisoners.

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