Last month you will recall that I admitted to buying many fashion magazines, as well as publications such as Yolk and Downtown, and culling photos from them of women in boots and garbed in various other of my fetishes.

So what do I do with these pictures once I have got them?

I tear them out of the magazines and paste them into scrapbooks.

I have been accumulating these scrapbooks since the early `70s, and so far I have 79 of them. Together they form a remarkable record of boot and fetish fashion from over the past 25 years. As I carefully turn the pages, I can walk through the era of chunk heels, of short shafts, and of cowboy boots, and then into the delightful new era of thigh high boots, followed closely – and equally – by the patent leather boots that we all enjoy now.

But because I buy about 20 magazines a week the pictures come fast. Every few months I have to walk into Art Media and buy yet another large 10 x 14" Canson sketch book in which to paste up the latest batch of photos.

Accumulating these books is a lonely but oddly gratifying pursuit. I can sit for hours and sift through the photos, arranging them by genre according to the priority of my fetish. First comes women in boots, of course. They are followed by women in mens’ watches (big Brietlings on a femme’s delicate wrist are my favorites). Then come legs (preferably in stockings), and a minor fetish in lingerie (I hate to sound like a normal American male, but certain kinds of undies have their appeal), then, finally, pretty faces or muscular bodies.

If there are similar poses or a run of the same kinds of boots, I can organize them in the book together.. I also buy the next smallest size of sketchbook for the women-in-mens’-watches photos, as they tend to be smaller and I can really fill up one of those volumes, putting down four to six images a page.

Occasionally, I encounter perfection – a woman in spectacular thigh highs, say, or a woman in both riding boots and a Brietling – and I always reserve the first and last few pages of a book for those photos. That’s also the place where I always place the photos I myself have taken of dominant women I have encountered over the years.

What I do with the scrapbooks when I am finished should be obvious. They are a comfort and a resource. If I am watching a video, say Black Scorpion with Joan Severance, I can pull down one of the books and slip into reverie. Flipping through while masturbating, I can achieve a tremendous orgasm, sometimes a double whammy. And I have so many now that I can pull out an old one and be surprised by the images, and then pummel myself with renewed vigor. In fact, I think I will take a break from this column right now.

(Jimmy Doyle is a former New York cop now living in Portland.)

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