This month, more smut links to enjoy... if we're not all arrested if Measure 31 passes.

Here is a blow-by-blow description of what it takes to perform oral sex correctly, from both sides. These are informative pieces from the prolific pen of Elf Sternburg, one of the frequent posters to and other sex related newsgroups. Remember, it is better to give than to receive.

The Masturbation Home Page
Where would the net be without one page on masturbation? This site covers stories from both men and women, as well as techniques and case you need a "helping hand," so to speak. Most of this is like one of those "letters" magazines, except that they have been written by real people and not some writing mill in the back room of a publishing house.

Yet another group trying to be another Yahoo. This one has a nice set of links, but they need to work on their page design. They are putting a lot of work into it, so expect changes and upgrades in the next few months.

The World Museum of Erotic Art
This is a site of erotic art throughout history. Some interesting stuff here. The commentary is in English, but the site is in the Netherlands. (So expect kind of slow going.) Make sure to check out their link to the “Porn Prayer” people.

The Nude Anime Picture Gallery
Like Japanese cartoons? This site has lots of Japanese-style animated characters in various states of undress, as well as in various sexual positions. Not your average saturday morning fare...

Indulgent Arts
At last! An adult on-line magazine with some class! This is worth checking out. It is absent of the annoying banner ads featured in so many web sites. Some interesting fiction and articles, as well as all sorts of products to buy.

This is a pretty weird site. Lots of antique porn. (Most of it spanking and other fetishes.) Much of the site is not in English. I am not certain if there is a reason behind this or not. The graphics are impressive.

Amateurs On-Line
I am not certain how many of the pictures are really of amateurs (probably not many), but they have a large collection. Memberships start at about $10 per month and that appears to include unlimited downloads. (Fill that new 3.1 gig drive in a hurry! An excuse to get an ISDN line!)

Enough for this month. To send your requests, complaints and/or high praise, write to me at

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