Brick Bat 2
Brick House Entertainment

What a strange little film. A plot simply does not exist; it's just two hours of a half-dozen huge, gleaming muscular black men in the basement of a bar doing absolutely nothing except making each other ejaculate as many times as possible. All of the action centers around and on a pool table -- in fact, in many of the scenes the stained-glass lampshade above the pool table gets in the way and occasionally whacks someone in the head. No one really seems to mind or, indeed, even notice.

For those of you who like details: anal, oral, mutual masturbation,3-somes, 69’s, analingus, 4-somes, 6-somes. The only things missing are a sheep and a disco ball.

I liked the gritty, low-budget, no-nonsense porn feel. The men are all large, affectionate, "Negroid" to various degrees, and built like a brick privy. They're obviously having a terrific time together, and yes, each one is hung like a Kentucky Derby prizewinner. A final favorable point: there is absolutely no stupid elevator music in the background of any kind at any point. This is strictly a slap-bass-free zone.

Anal Princess
VCA Platinum Plus
Starring: Rocco Siffredi, Jill Kelly, China Lee, Sofia Ferrari, Tom Byron, Sid Deuce...

This is a high-budget, big-name porn flick with a neat-looking slick box cover. It really appalled me. Not because of the subject matter, or because of the attempt to provide a feeble storyline, or even because of the background music that was clearly made with the producer’s brother-in-law’s Yamaha electric keyboard. (Nor, indeed, a shortage of good video. The producer, at least, did his job right.)

No, what really got to me was the way the male participants physically treated their partners. I’ve seen some of these guys in other films; I know they are at least capable of tenderness or gentleness. But in this dog these men throw their partners around like they are just breathing blow-up dolls. In fact, had I not consciously known that I was watching paid actresses and actors in a commercial film, I would have thought I was watching a videotaped rape.

Now, I guess there isn’t too much I can complain about on that – after all, the key word here is “fantasy." We have fantasies, all of us, and one of the definitive aspects of these sorts of fantasies is that they exist in our feverish little brains, and not in real life. (I would rather have Mr. X indulging in a rich fantasy life of faux rape via videotape than stalking Forest Park for joggers.) Men and women alike have rape fantasies as part of their sexual development; therefore it’s not surprising that we’d find a movie with some of that..

The most valid concern that finally surfaced is this: In a film specifically geared towards anal penetration, isn’t it actively unsafe to attack someone’s most sensitive membranous material so vigorously, without so much as a “ah’m gettin’ ready to move, sweet-cheeks?” As a reviewer and as someone who has given and taken it up the ass, I honestly feel that these good ol’ boys look more like they're driving fenceposts into hardpan than receiving a very special and very delicate sexual privilege.

So much for my $0.02. If savage anal sex with louts is your bag, then you’ll love this title.

Thanks to Fantasy Adult Video for letting me play compare-contrast with these two films.

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