Carnal Knowledge 4.06

Well, it's finally the end of another exhausting election year and I think I speak for everyone when I say "thank (your favorite deity or higher power here)!" Ballot Measure 31 did what most of its supporters probably never went down. Adult businesses will continue to be in the firing line in 1997, but it's comforting to know that at least the Oregon Constitution hasn't been weakened.

As part of our end-of-year celebration we're featuring a number of fetish articles, and the new year will see fetish topics as a regular selection of your Exotic breakfast. Just part of our continuing dedication to bringing you the most sensually nutritious magazine available.

Our first fetish dish (he he) is cartoonist Randy Lee Prinslow's tribute to stripper turned bad-ass, big-boobed movie siren, Tura Satana. Best known as the butt-kicking lesbian in Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! You'll see why so many men would love to lick her boots in Prinslow's "Faster, Satana! Kill! Kill!"

Your second course will be the conclusion of Gary Aker's expose on ways (other than paying your taxes) to make your money disappear in "Gambling's Not Just for Gangsters Anymore: Card Games at La Center of the Universe."

For dessert, DK Holms dishes up a steaming portion of kink in "Between the Rubber Sheets:A Look at Modern Fetish Magazines." I'll take mine with an extra serving of cinnamon oil!

Finally, this month we've got the most booty-full angel of them all, Bobbi Brown, blessing our cover. She'll be spreading her special brand of seasonal one-on-one dance magic at Stars every Friday and Saturday in December.

Thanks for a great year and enjoy your winter holiday of choice safely, sanely and sensually. Catch ya in '97!

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