CD-Rom Revolutions 4.05
Busty Babes III
Mac and PC

This is a neat little disc. There’s no smashing animation, no interactivity, no big names -- it's no more and no less than an enormous archive of a wide range of pornographic stills in GIF format with a fairly slick front-end interface. One of the weirder things about the stills given unto us on this disc is that there is absolutely no predilection for busty babes whatsoever.

Bust y Babes III is conveniently subdivided into vague categories -- cumshots, Asian-only, group sex, one-on-one, interracial, girl-girl, oral sex, and toy photos. Strangely enough, there is no subdirectory for women with big tits, but the overall high resolution and excellent selection makes this a superb disc nevertheless. There is some crossover between the various categories but, on the whole, the producers have given us as fresh, new material . There are two other pleasant and unusual surprises on this disc. First of all, there is a subdirectory containing a smorgasbord of pix from the next volumes in the inappropriately named Busty Babes series, so you can see that the trend of quality in this disc continues.The other is a subdirectory containing a similar sampler of pix from this volume in compressed JPEG format, that is copyright-free and designed for dispersion and distribution on the Internet or via a bulletin board systems. It’s unusual for disc producers to be so lassiez-faire about their material, but given that there are tens of thousands of images on this disc it’s nice that the producers are willing to throw 100 or so pictures to the wolves, so to speak.

This is a well-done but badly named disc in a well-done but badly named series; buy, borrow, or steal this disc as soon as possible.

Miss Nude World
Z master Productions
Mac and PC

I had just finished examining Busty Babes and, upon taking a look at Miss Nude World, I discovered that it was set up in an extremely similar fashion.

The pictures on this disc are all taken from a nationwide event called, obviously, Miss Nude World.The pictures are of a variety of soft-core eccentricities -- hot wax, whipped cream, enema bags, body painting...and on and on. Some of the acts shown are traditional striptease fare -- outrageous costumes, thongs, that kind of thing; but many of the other photographs seem to depict acts that have gone beyond the traditional showgirl format, and could in fact be perfectly legitimately called performance art.

Now for the bad news: instead of the tens of thousands of images (such as those contained on the other entry this month), this disc only contains 506. The bulk of the disc’s space is taken up by these same 506 pix in a wide variety of different formats and resolutions. This is great if you’re particularly anal-retentive about what images you can view with your computer setup, but for most of us it just spells wasted space that could be taken up with more pictures. Looking at the directory of the disc, I can see that there are 12 different versions of these same pictures-- three or four sets would have sufficed nicely.

This disc has some great content, but the producers could have done much more. I’m curious to see what the disc for next year’s Miss Nude World looks like -- perhaps they will learn from experience.

You can find both of these discs at D.K. Wilds.

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