Letters 4.05

Your mag is great. It hits the spot. I think about it all day and sometimes I embarrass myself with hot daydreams.
– mrosen@ix.netcom.com

Dear Exotic,
When Playboy came on the scene, and for many years later, it was the rage. The 90's need your great mag: Exotic -- the best!!
My co-workers in SF and myself use your mag a lot on our frequent visits to Portland -- I like Mary's on Broadway the best! Please keep us on the list.
– Paul, San Francisco

Dear Exotic,
(Re: Jimmy Doyle)
This guy writes fantastic articles. Keep up the good work...
– Sean, via Internet e-mail

Dear Darklady,
Love your name and whatever story must be behind the name. I've been a newspaper writer/photographer and publisher most of my working life and I wanted to say you are a very good writer. Better than most of the people writing for daily newspapers in this country... Also, it's smart for the publisher to always have proof that his/her publication clearly has "redeeming social values" as the courts have said. The half crop on your photo creates a little mystery. Again, good, as we should never know entirely everything about "Darklady", not even what she looks like...Are you a clearing house of information about the sex industry in America? I am another one of those sweetheart submissive men who just doesn't understand why there aren't more dominant women in the world. Is it a long standing Christian conspiracy? Why do some women think I am nuts or sick if I express my submissive desires? The popular psychologists John Bradshaw says people like me with excessive submissive desires are not normal. Even if he's right, should I just try to do what feels right to me, Darklady?
– Raymond via Internet e-mail

(blush) If you're satisfied and comfortable with your submissive nature then it's nobody's business but you and your Mistress'. Bradshaw needs to relax his sphincter as far as I'm concerned. Sexuality is acutely personal and we, ultimately, are the only ones who know what's right for us. And yes, it is a Christian conspiracy.
– Darklady

Thanks for helping me collect money (for No on 31) from the clubs and stores, if I hadn't mentioned it already.
John Henry from T&A called this morning and left a message that a strip club owner kicked the shit out of Yoder last night and John Henry quit. You might want to hire him for distribution. He always kept our rack full.
– DK, Beaverton

It is done.
– Frank

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