“Angels we have heard on high...Tell us to go out and buy!” -- Tom Lehrer

Since the winter shopping holiday is soon upon us, I thought I would share with you a number of places to spend your hard-earned cash this season.

Midnight Allusions
Looking for a stocking stuffer or odd adult novelty for that special (or not-so-special) someone? This place carriers all sorts of odd items. From the tasteless to the humorous and back again. Something for almost anyone above the age of consent.

Good Vibrations
If you are looking for “Adult Marital Aids” (i.e. dildoes, vibrators, and the like), as well as books and tapes, this is one of the best places to go on the web. Good Vibrations has been in business for years. They sell only quality devices and have an outstanding reputation. (And their web site does not look like you are in the red light district either.) My highest recommendations!

Tasty’s Erotic Gift Baskets
This stop on our tour specializes in gift baskets of massage oil and couple-oriented items. A gift not only to give, but to share. The server this is on is a bit slow, but the wait is worth it if you're looking for such things...

A Sinful Pleasure
More toys and leather goods! A wide variety of things to choose from and an interesting site just to browse. (And they have a sense of humor. Check out the quotes throughout the site.)

Looking for something wearable? Cyberpussy carries a full line of fetishwear and lingerie, as well as many items that can be worn in public. The backgrounds are bright pink, so wear sunglasses. If you like women in fetish gear, you will definitely want to browse the catalog.

Here is your on-line source for anatomically correct voodoo dolls! Yep, you can stick pins in the nether regions of those you hate via sympathetic magic. Comes in both male and female for equal opportunity long distance acupuncture.

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully I have given you a few gift-giving ideas. (Personally, I am looking for an exotic woman into fetishwear and toys myself...My idea of a worthwhile present. ]:> )

If you have suggestions for sites to visit, topics to cover, or just want to complain about something, I can be reached at blackart@ctrl-alt-del.com. (Or for those of you on America On-Line, you can just hit the keys marked “ctrl”, “alt”, and “del” at the same time and you can reach me that way...)

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