Amadeus Mozart
Xcel Films
Starring: Deborah Wells, Sean Michaels, Kelly Trump, Chantale, Cheyenne...

What a silly video. It's a sexualized version of the life and times of Mozart and his traditional tights wearing arch-enemy, Saligeri.

I'm pretty sure that this video is intentionally as bad as it is as a method of lampooning itself (and possibly other versions of this infamous story). If the producers of this flick didn't intend for it to be funny...well, then they should be hunted down and viciously clubbed with a large fisting dildo. But I'm fairly certain this is supposed to be a comedy.

An example: there is an extremely protracted scene in which Saligeri and Mozart are engaging in a bit of friendly rivalry by boffing two young women wearing some truly superb costumes. (The locations and costumes throughout this baby are uniformly wonderful. Very little expense seems to have been spared to create an historic atmosphere.) Saligeri does all right, but Mozart is supposed to be playing a piano at the same time...and he does a fantastically bad job of faking it.

There are some decidedly non-farcelike bits. There's a dream sequence with Saligeri, for instance, that, with the stunning location shots of an early morning courtyard, and exquisite costuming, nearly made me forget I was watching a comic porn vid.

I found this video at Fantasy Adult Video...and so will you.

Erotic Choices
Greenwood/Copper Home video

Let's start this one with a fairly strongly opinioned statement from me: this is far and away one of the best sexual documentaries I've ever seen. Its focus was male-to-male sex and my only want could have been that this group would produce videos for all the other gender variations that exist.

This is really a 'show and tell' sort of flick. We are provided with a soft-spoken Brit narrator who appears and disappears on a frequent and semi-regular basis. After he gives a 30 second mini-lecture about the safe sex information involved in the previous (or following) scene, he fades out and we have some lushly appointed scene (the room with approximately 3,046 candles in it was my fave) with, unsurprisingly, two healthy young men happily (and, seemingly, lovingly) demonstrating at least 216 ways to offend your grandmother.

Upon some deeper reflection, it seems to me that this video wasn't revolutionary in its advocation of the do's and don'ts of gay sex. I really think that what struck me was the quality of its recommendations about sex in general. Our narrator-gnome provided suggestions about tantric sex, backrubs, seduction techniques, methods of preventing orgasm in order to reach new plateaus of pleasure, and all sorts of other handy tips that can change an evening from merely pleasurable to something unforgettable; and it did this all with dignity and an utterly serious demeanor, which I personally find occasionally hard to do when discussing some of our body's more awkward functions.

Summary: (A) Tons of $$$ went into production, (B) great all-around look and videography, (C) narration has terrific delivery, (D) script is superbly done and has huge gobs of (E), universally good sex-enhancing recommendations. Give it a try; it's unquestionably worth your time.

You'll find this video in the gay section of Fantasy Adult Video.

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